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Leveraging Conversational Marketing in Ramadan

As a time for reflection, connection, and communication, there’s no better time to create meaningful conversations with your customers than at Ramadan.

In fact, 66% of shoppers feel more connected to a brand through instant messaging during Ramadan and Eid.
With 37x more conversions compared to SMS and a 3x higher response rate compared to email, conversational messaging channels like WhatsApp offer a clear route not only to reach customers but to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnel, instantly.

Whether you’re considering conversational channels like WhatsApp or looking for ways to make them work with your traditional marketing tactics, this guide will help you elevate the impact of your Ramadan & Eid Campaigns.

In this playbook, we provide ways to use WhatsApp to :

In this playbook, you'll discover how to: 

Increase the ROI on your Ads
Drive instant sales
Reduce cart abandonment & drop-offs
Nurture relationships & boost repeat business


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