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Scale up with WhatsApp

Engage, convert, and sell on the world's preferred channel used by over 2.7 billion people.

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Drive results with WhatsApp Marketing

Talk to your customers on Whatsapp with a 99% read rate and up to 3x higher response rate compared to other channels. Learn More

Automate customer support with WhatsApp chatbots

Enhance customer support efficiency by integrating WhatsApp API, enabling the use of chatbots for quicker responses at reduced costs with smooth transitions to live agents where needed. Learn More

Send real-time customer updates

Enhance delivery experiences, provide order tracking, and share instant notifications. Learn More

Turn any conversation into a sale

Showcase products, offer exclusive deals and engage customers in real-time conversations for a seamless shopping experience. Learn More

How Unifonic helped SPL


Saudi Arabian postal firm SPL launched a digital assistant on WhatsApp for more effective customer service and accurate deliveries, while cutting business costs and expanding its services.

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Reduction in call centre wait times attributable to whatsapp


inquiries resolved within WhatsApp


increase in response times


Reduction in costs attributable to WhatsApp

Automation made


A seamless solution for better workflows. Access pre-built templates that help to implement popular use-cases such as abandoned cart reminders, sending OTPs, and triggering chatbot automation.

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Integrations made seamless

100+ native integrations are included with Flow Studio, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify, and many more.
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Click to WhatsApp - how it works

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Reduce abandoned carts with Whatsapp

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Boost your ROI with Whatsapp

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