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Campaigns made simple

Deliver personalized campaigns on your customers preferred channels.

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World-class speed, quality and reliability

Global coverage
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Use cases

Run effective campaigns

Improve the reach of your campaigns across various channels with a deliverability rate of over 99%. Learn More

Personalize campaigns and promotions

Boost customer loyalty by providing tailored deals and incentives for returning customers. Learn More

Offer always on experiences

Create seamless experiences by automating responses with our AI chatbot. Learn More

Our channels


90% of text messages are read within three minutes, keep your customers in the loop with SMS alerts and campaigns.

Whatsapp icon WhatsApp

Send notifications, customer service messages and essential information and get instant feedback on WhatsApp.


Qualify leads, drive consideration, close sales, provide support, and have one-to-one conversations with your customers at scale.

Messenger-1 Messenger

Automate inbound Messenger conversations to drive sales and provide customer support.


Send visible, relevant, and timely mobile Push Notifications to increase in-app engagements.


Give your brand a voice with meaningful and contextual Voice interactions with global connectivity.

Integrations made seamless

100+ native integrations are included with Flow Studio, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify, and many more.
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Unlock SMS marketing success in Saudi

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