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Simplify operations 

Improve efficiency with AI-powered chatbots and automated workflows.

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How we help, in numbers

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Use cases

Notifications, alerts, and reminders

Keep your customers up-to-date on delivery, transaction, and service status. Learn More

Number masking

Our number masking technology enables secure conversations without revealing phone numbers. Learn More

Authentication and verification

Improve user security with One Time Passwords (OTPs) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) delivered through SMS, Voice, messaging apps, and mobile push notifications. Learn More

How Unifonic helped SPL

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Saudi Arabian postal firm SPL launched a digital assistant on WhatsApp for more effective customer service and accurate deliveries, while cutting business costs and expanding its services.

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Reduction in call centre wait times attributable to WhatsApp


inquiries resolved within WhatsApp


increase in response times


Reduction in costs attributable to WhatsApp

Built for 
your business and function


Our platform integrates with ecommerce platforms and offers low-code automation and messaging tools to easily build secure customer journeys. Verify shoppers, automate confirmations, and offer live order tracking.

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We facilitate the processing of product and service applications through messaging apps like WhatsApp, verify customers through voice calls to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce call center waiting times through chatbots and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, share documents securely through messaging apps, and provide safe and reliable authentication and verification services.

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Track internal logistics and customer orders with WhatsApp or SMS notifications while keeping personal numbers confidential for easy delivery driver communication.

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You can schedule appointments through SMS and WhatsApp, increase attendance rate by sending appointment reminders, utilize AI-powered chatbots to assess symptoms, recommend practitioners, and book appointments, deliver prescriptions through popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and SMS, and ensure secure delivery of test results and follow-up appointments through WhatsApp or SMS.

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