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Key Customer Service Trends for 2023

With the world still coming to terms with the pandemic of 2020, many industries are still in a state of flux. Customer service teams have been particularly affected by these changes, leading to an ever-changing landscape for customer service management. As businesses now look ahead to 2023, here are some key trends that marketers and customer service managers should consider to remain ahead of the curve.

Using Automation to Combat Staffing Shortages

The impact of the pandemic on global supply chains has caused many businesses to face staffing shortages. To combat this, customer service teams have begun to invest in tools such as chatbots and automation campaigns. Not only do these tools effectively reach customers quickly and cost-effectively, but they also act as an excellent way to generate a return on investment.

Nowadays, businesses can build their own chatbots and campaigns in minutes to send out automated messages, respond to customer inquiries and generate leads. However, the human touch cannot be replaced, and customer service teams should look to balance automation with human interaction using a hybrid approach.

Businesses Can Standout by Putting the Customer First

In an era where customer loyalty is key to a business’s success, providing more efficient customer support will help retain customers. Businesses should look to reach their customers on their preferred channels, whether that be WhatsApp, email, or social media.

The use of the WhatsApp for Business platform as a customer service channel has seen an increase over the last year. With WhatsApp, customer service teams can respond to customers quickly and accurately and send automated messages at specific times or in bulk. Businesses can also use the platform for customer loyalty programs and promotional campaigns. With automation tools available, customer service teams can reduce pressure on staff and still provide improved service to their customers.

Follow Up with Proactive Customer Service

Proactive customer service will be essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in 2023. Automation tools such as chatbots and campaigns can be used to identify moments when extra information or assistance is needed, allowing customer service teams to act preemptively and minimize the amount of time spent dealing with customer queries.

Using AI tools to assist with areas such as categorizing incoming customer feedback and automating the tagging, triaging, and routing of support conversations is also an excellent way for businesses to provide more efficient customer service.


The new normal has seen an increased emphasis on customer service and the need for businesses to provide a consistent, reliable experience. Customers will likely seek familiarity and stick with brands they trust, making customer service even more vital. With this trend set to continue into 2023, businesses that invest in their customer service teams will have an advantage over their competitors.

The trend back towards physical stores also means resources are being directed away from digital, which can cause customer service to suffer. However, businesses that invest in the appropriate tools and technologies will not only be able to maintain a high level of customer service but also gain a competitive edge in the process. By utilizing automation effectively, customer service teams can provide their customers with a personalized experience while minimizing their workload. This will be critical for businesses looking to succeed in the digital era.

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