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How to Use SMS Text Marketing as a Lead Generation Tool

In spite of being the most commonly used data service in the world, text messaging is often an underestimated marketing tool. In 2018, 20.2 million people in the KSA took advantage of the service, emphasizing the importance of the service in our lives. And these are the statistics that businesses need to take a look at in order to understand the outreach of this service. Businesses that are looking for ways to improve marketing personalization need to think about adding SMS text marketing to their promotional mix. It can provide you with the competitive edge you need to make your business a success.

SMS text marketing statistics

How to Use SMS Texts for Lead Generation



Ask for Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to drive more business. They have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions. In fact, 74% of consumers say that they trust a local business more if there are positive reviews. If you can motivate your customers to leave a positive review, it can make SMS text marketing an effective lead generation tool for your business.

The best way to capitalize on this move is to send a text right after you have served a customer. They’re more likely to provide a more upbeat and heartfelt review right after they’ve had a good experience at your establishment.


Register for an Event

If you’re a retailer working on increasing brand awareness, using SMS text marketing can help you drive up your sales. The same strategy can be used if you have a big event coming up and want to inform your customers. All you need to do is text your customers the registration forms via SMS and watch the registrations come in. Once they have opted-in, you can even add their email to your database for remarketing.

Unifonic’s Campaign Scheduling feature is a good option to use here. You can easily configure a specific time for your messages to be sent. This helps you avoid spamming your own customers and turning them against your service.


Integrated Marketing

Customers have to read your promotional message at least seven times before they are ready to make the purchase. Sending timely reminders can significantly boost your sales. With the right SMS text marketing platform, you can even integrate your message with your social media accounts and provide your customers the convenience they need.


Customer Service

Your customers expect quality assistance and prompt responses. If you’re able to provide this, it can go a long way towards cementing their loyalty and even creating a competitive advantage. In order to facilitate a seamless experience across channels and regions, you need a competent platform. With Unifonic, you stand to increase the efficiency and success ratio of your customer communication.



SMS Programs for Deals and Discounts

Ideally, you want an extensive texting list to achieve maximum reach. But it’s not always easy getting your customers to sign up for your SMS text marketing campaigns. The best way to make this work for you is by promising them special discount codes and other promotions once they sign up for your texting program. It is also a valuable addition for service-based businesses as well.

By incorporating SMS text marketing into your lead generation strategy, you can significantly improve reach and conversions for your business. Check out Unifonic’s SMS API for your messaging campaign or learn more about how Unifonic can help with your marketing activities. Benefit from the convenience experienced by over 160 million delighted recipients globally. Request a free demo for your business today.

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