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Top 5 Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts with WhatsApp




Cart abandonment has long been a challenge for e-commerce businesses, with statistics showing e-commerce abandonment rates hovering around 70%. Traditionally, businesses have relied on email as a means to persuade customers back to complete their purchases. However, with email open rates themselves averaging below 20%, there is a clear argument for using different strategies to recover abandoned carts and try to capture some of that customer interest that hasn’t quite translated into a purchase.

In this article, we explore an alternative approach that harnesses the power of the WhatsApp for Business API to breathe new life into abandoned carts. With an impressive open rate of 98.3%, WhatsApp offers a promising solution for engaging customers and increasing the chances of successful cart recovery.

It's important to note that to use WhatsApp for cart recovery, recipients must have explicitly opted in to receive messages from your business. Respecting privacy and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations in the territories in which you operate is paramount. By sticking to these guidelines, your business can build trust and establish meaningful connections with customers who have expressed interest in receiving WhatsApp messages.

Let’s look at five strategies that use the power and popularity of the WhatsApp Business platform to recapture lost opportunities and re-engage customers who have abandoned their carts. Using these tactics, you can transform cart abandonment into a valuable opportunity for conversion and revenue growth.

    1. 1. Offer a Discount Code

  1. Simplify the purchasing process for customers by sending a direct payment link through WhatsApp for Business. Providing a convenient and hassle-free payment option increases the chances of customers following through with their abandoned purchases. Payment links over WhatsApp are secure and quick.

    1. 3. Send a Video of the Product

  2. Utilize WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to engage customers and reignite their interest in abandoned products. A short video showcasing the key features and benefits of the items they left behind or a clip of the product in a real-world situation can help potential customers visualize the product better. You could also send reviews from previous satisfied customers to win back a wavering shopper

    1. 4. Provide Personalized Assistance

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Use WhatsApp for Business as a platform to provide personalized customer support and assistance. Reach out to customers who abandoned their carts and offer guidance or answer any questions they may have about the products or the purchasing process. Building a rapport and addressing customer concerns can increase the likelihood of them returning to complete their purchase.

    1. 5. Implement Cart Abandonment Reminders

  1. Set up automated cart abandonment reminders through WhatsApp for Business. Send friendly and timely messages to remind customers about the items they left in their carts, highlighting any limited-time offers or product availability. This gentle nudge can serve as a helpful reminder and encourage customers to revisit their carts and finalize their transactions.

Remember, it's important to customize these strategies to suit your own business and target audience. Experimenting with different approaches, analyzing the results you get carefully, and making incremental changes will help you find the most effective methods for recovering abandoned carts in your business using the WhatsApp Business Platform.

You should also be aware that unlike sending WhatsApp messages from your personal account, messages from a business account will generally incur a small cost. That cost will be dependent on the volume and type of messages you send as a business, but if it results in a sale that would otherwise have been lost, it will likely be worth the outlay. For more details on Meta’s pricing for WhatsApp Business Platform messages, read our recent article on the subject.

Abandoned carts are a challenge that affects every online retailer. Using the power and popularity of the WhatsApp platform is one way you can reach out to shoppers who have left your site without going through with a purchase and win them back. By adopting these strategies, your business can transform lost opportunities into a chance to engage with these potential customers, find out more about why they didn’t go through with the purchase in the first place, and hopefully turn them into loyal customers.

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