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What is UnifonicX?

UnifonicX transforms ideas into reality by enabling exceptional founders to start great companies and get funded. We've got your back every step of the way.


How is UnifonicX different?

UnifonicX is a tailored program with team members and partners who bring experience as entrepreneurs, investors, and operators from the region's leading technology companies. Get mentorship, community perks, access to funds, and more.

Focused on Cloud Communication

Solutions driven by Cloud, Mobile, AI, ML, Blockchain and Big Data are welcome. Especially in the following categories:

Security & Privacy

Focus areas and use cases include but is not limited to identity protection, user authentication, know-your-customer (KYC), and fraud detection

Customer Experience

Focus areas and use cases include but is not limited to customer service, order fulfillment, location-based services, and self-service enablement

Digital Transformation

Focus areas and use cases include but is not limited to transformation in Utility, Healthcare, Education, Social Work, and Financial Services

How UnifonicX Works

Submit your Application

Applications are reviewed all year round. You will get support from successful entrepreneurs and advisors the moment you join and as you scale your startup.

Selection and Onboarding

Candidates will be shortlisted to attend a 2-week sprint workshop to validate their ideas. Participants will then be selected and enrolled.

Program Kickoff

Participants formally undergo a 14-week long UnifonicX program and conclude with a demo day in front of potential customers, investors and partners.

Program Benefits

Expansion support

Get access to an unparalleled network of partners and customers to expand across the region.

Zero costs

Get up to US$70K in program value through exclusive sponsorships and mentorship.

Funding access

Get access to top angel and institutional investors in the region, and beyond.

Sector expertise

Get support from experts across industries and technologies.

Technology sponsorships

Receive support and sponsorships on essential technologies to scale.

Founder community

Join a fast-growing community of like-minded founders and investors.


What happens after the program?

UnifonicX has your back every step of the way. As an UnifonicX startup, you will be a part of a global community and will continue to receive support from other founders, advisors, and the UnifonicX team as you scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the program?

Participants do not have to pay. Nor do they have to commit to giving up equity of their ventures. The program costs ~ 70,000 USD per team and it is covered by partners and sponsors.

What are the preferred themes or use cases?
Calling for ideas and startups focused on Cloud Communications. We look at all ideas, but we are passionate about:

Security & Privacy

In the era of digital transformation, privacy and security are paramount and should be front and center. Convenience and accessibility should not come at the expense of invading privacy or breaching security. Users expect their confidential data to be protected, and organizations are keen to offer users more access to products and services. Hence the need for more innovation and standardization to maintain balance.

Focus areas and use cases include:

  • Identity Protection
  • User Authentication
  • Know Your Customer
  • Fraud Detection

Customer Experience

Nowadays customers are the focus of every vendor and service provider. Customer expectations are on the rise and demand for instant services is becoming more of a norm rather than an exception. A customer-centric approach to solving business problems leads to higher customer satisfaction and increases their chances of repeat business. Organizations need to ensure that every customer receives the attention they deserve, find the information they need, and fulfill their expectations from the organization.

Focus areas and use cases include:

  • Customer Service
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Location Based Services
  • 24/7/365 Self Service

Digital Transformation

Public and private entities are rapidly accelerating their digital transformation initiatives, budgets, and timelines to navigate the new normal. Projects that required years of planning and execution are now expected to complete in months or weeks. With technology advancements and reliable infrastructures, the impact exponentially multiplies with larger enterprises such as governments and public services. The scalability and reach required to serve millions of citizens and residents is now in high demand.

Focus areas and use cases include:

  • Utility Companies (Electricity, Water, Gas, etc)
  • Healthcare Authorities & Medical Service Providers
  • Education Authorities & Academic Institutions
  • Social Programs & Services
  • Financial Services, Banks, Insurance, etc

Bonus points for solutions driven by Cloud, Mobile, AI, ML, Robotics, BlockChain and Big Data

Is the participation limited to a certain geographical location?

No, participants can be located anywhere and will be facilitated online. However, the venture should be attractive to the KSA and MENA region. Also, participants should expect the activities to take place on a time suitable to MENA. If the situation allows, face-to-face interactions will be coordinated accordingly.

Is there any support after the program?

Yes, after the program, selected participants will continue receiving support from other founders, advisors, and the UnifonicX team as they scale in their entrepreneurial journey.

How can participants get funded after the program?

During the program and especially Demo-Day, participants will have exposure to potential investors. Each case will be treated case-by-case

Do I have to have a business idea to take this course?

It’s advantageous to have an early-stage start-up or aspire to start one soon, however it's not mandatory.

What if I don't have a business idea? Does this course still benefit me if I know I want to be an entrepreneur?

Absolutely! This unique experiential learning opportunity is the catalyst to ideate, innovate, and execute all creative principles of entrepreneurship. All the participants of the program are split into teams. As a program participant, you can either join someone’s team or attract the participantsto work on your project.

How does the program prepare me for entrepreneurship?

This course will provide an opportunity to acquire the skills for the creation of a new business or innovative product, understand the success of exponential companies approaches/tools and what ensures their growth, quickly and economically test business hypotheses and build agile processes and start using innovative techniques in work and life.

How does the course work?

The course consists of regular weekly webinar lectures and discussion, online material, weekly mentor team sessions, 2 gate checks (internal pitch), 1 final presentation.