Partner Kit - WAFB Affiliate


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Unifonic company profile Slides about Unifonic, journey, services and presence Link
WAFB product presentation Slides about the product, features Link
Industries use cases Slides about use cases to be used by the partner when pitching Unifonic services Link
Support Guidelines for partners Support manual for partners who will open the tickets with Unifonic or the customers who will come through those partners Link
Commercial policy for partners Pricing details, payment terms and conditions final version is being validated by Product marketing
Lead form for partners Lead form to be used by partners when sharing a new lead with Unifonic partnerships team Link
WAFB - Non Transactional messages Slides about WAFB Non-transactional messages, features, limitations Link
WAFB customer onboarding steps High-level steps on how their customer will be onboarded on WAFB service Link