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Discover how voice communication may be used to foster connections and increase security

Our Programmable Voice API brings powerful cloud-based automated voice communications to your organization.
There’s no need to change existing systems write code or make up-front investments.



Programmable Voice API’s

Easily add ready-made voice automation capabilities. Send voice messages directly from your existing business systems.


Outbound IVR

Use UniXml to build an Interactive Voice Response workflow and collect responses.


Call Deflection

IVR allows customers to quickly switch to your Call Centre or to ChatApps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter Messenger.


Pre-recorded Audio Files

Create and send a targeted voice message using a pre-recorded audio file to one or multiple recipients.



Type a message and instantly convert it to voice with support to multiple languages.


Two Factor Authentication

Send an OTP as a voice call or allow OTPs delivered by other apps to be keyed by a recipient.

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Efficient and Easy

unifonic Programmable Voice is a cloud-based solution with pre-built tools and extensible voice APIs. It's easy to set up and integrate with your existing customer contact management and communication systems, while being scalable.

Simplify and accelerate deployment

APIs and ready made tools provide all the functionality you need.Hosted and regulated in KSA.Transaction based billing means no up-front investment.24/7 local market, local language technical support.Direct connection to local phone operators with automated failover.

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