KSA SMS Resellers agreement Pricing and Incentive scheme


Packages Package Tiers Resellers net price
50,000 50k - 99.99k SAR 0.07840
100,000 100k - 249.99k SAR 0.06850
250,000 250k - 499.99k SAR 0.05870
500,000 500k - 999.99k SAR 0.05373
1,000,000 1m - 1.99m SAR 0.04882
2,000,000 2m - 2.99m SAR 0.04783
3,000,000 3m - 3.99m SAR 0.04485
4,000,000 4m - 4.99m SAR 0.04485
5,000,000 5m - 9.99m SAR 0.04480
10,000,000 10m - 19.99m SAR 0.04375
20,000,000 20m and above SAR 0.04320

Terms and Conditions:

  • Total Purchasing Order amount is required to be paid upfront (Prepaid)
  • All packages are valid for 12 months only.
  • To extend the use of the package beyond the initially-agreed term (12 months) a new purchase order should be purchased, to cover a new period of 1 year.
  • A new PO will be required if the 12 months’ credit has expired prior to the expiry date of the initial agreement signed and PO provided, to cover a new balance/charging of the customer’s account to maintain an active service.
  • Unused balance can be carried-forward to the next year’s agreement signed.
  • The rate included in this proposal is flat rates for the local operators in Saudi Arabia (STC- Mobily-Zain).
  • However, for international countries, MNVO's and Virtual operators, four units for each transaction will be deduct.
  • The Estimated activation of the service is 24 hours after receiving the payment of the total value of the Purchase Order.
  • Sender Ids Activations will take between 24 to 48 hours depending on the country regulations, process & requirements of activation.
  • In the event of recurring business with existing partners, where prepaid payment terms shall be approved, a Letter of Guarantee (LG) form should be filled, signed & stamped by the partner’s authorized signatory employee.
  • A copy of a valid and active company Commercial Registration (CR) document should be shared with the signed proposal.
  • 15% VAT will be added to the total cost.

Payments to be settled by wire transfer to the following bank account details:

Bank Name

Account name


Account Number: