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Why You Should Use a Phone Number Verification Service

While pay-per-click and email marketing have quickly become some of the most preferred strategies for marketers worldwide, SMS and telemarketing are still second-to-none when it comes to quality lead generation and customer retention. This isn’t as surprising, given the proliferation of smartphones, to the tune of 6.6 billion devices, worldwide.

Other marketing techniques tend to prioritize either purchases or sign-ups and other lead generation mechanisms, which often need to be followed up with a call for B2B companies. A successful phone call, on the other hand, can cut short this process, while helping to gather other useful information from the client and set them up for future marketing efforts.

A phone number verification API service makes it easier for businesses to reach their customers quickly and cost-efficiently. If you happen to be in the consumer appliances or e-commerce industry, you’re likely already familiar with the importance of phone number verification. After all, without a valid phone number, you can’t reliably deliver your products, nor can you expect your direct phone sales efforts to produce a viable return.

What Is a Phone Number Verification Service?

Accurate phone numbers are absolutely critical for businesses. Without them, you’re likely to end up calling and messaging the wrong prospects. This wastes valuable company time and resources. Around 77% of business organizations believe that invalid contact information results in significant setbacks to their sales and marketing processes.

However, they can easily get rid of this ambiguity by relying on a service that provides a phone number verification API. A phone validator is basically a tool that runs verification checks on the contact numbers on your list to figure out which numbers are incorrect. This tool checks the format of the numbers and sends a ping to them to verify that the number is live and able to receive calls and messages.

It can also help you glean details like the location of that number, which is very useful feedback to tailor your marketing strategies and improve the lead conversion rate on a call. Just as importantly, this is all done discreetly, so that your potential customers aren’t aware of your attempts to verify their numbers and other details.

An effective phone number verification API tool uses different identification algorithms. This helps it conduct as many verification checks as possible to weed out invalid phone numbers and ensure that your salespeople are spending their time efficiently.

Advantages of Using a Phone Number Verification Service

1: Saves Time and Money

The biggest advantage of using phone verification is the cost savings and improved efficiency it brings to your sales and marketing teams. According to reports, employees waste an average of 94 minutes a day, not counting permitted breaks. When your phone operators call the wrong individual, they spend valuable time waiting for the person to pick up or, in some cases, trying to sell your product or service to someone who doesn’t really need it.

This can be a costly exercise for your business, given that your employees are using their time unproductively when they could instead be trying to make sales. With a phone number verification service, you know that your agents have the opportunity to talk to a live user every time they dial.

A phone validator service also gives you a better return on your contact list purchases. Acquiring bulk databases is always a gamble for businesses, given that you’re never really sure of the quality of the contacts. Adding on phone verification can help weed out the invalid contacts, leaving behind a clean database. It also gives you feedback that is useful when you’re looking to purchase a phone list again.

2: Avoids Reputational Damage

A phone number verification service can help you maintain a good reputation in the market. If you keep messaging and calling the wrong numbers, people are likely to get annoyed. They may start reporting your number as spam or maybe even calling their phone companies to complain. This may land you in hot water with various network providers or even with the regulatory authorities. After all, making unsolicited calls and sending irrelevant messages isn’t permitted.

It can also result in bad word-of-mouth publicity from the people on the receiving end of your calls. If they’ve had a bad experience, they may tell others about it. The next time they actually need a product that you’re selling, they may deliberately choose to ignore your brand.

3: Improves Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

A phone number verification service can also help you improve your relationship with your existing customers. These are people who have bought into your brand and will likely buy again if they’ve had a good experience. Friendly phone calls and messages are a great way to do this.

However, you may often find that their contact details are outdated. Customers naturally won’t keep retailers and service providers updated with their new numbers. In this case, you might not be able to reach out to them for a service they are due to receive from you. A phone number verification API can help regularly review your existing contact list and tell you which numbers aren’t functional anymore. You can then reach out to those customers via email, or other channels, and ensure they have what they need. When done meaningfully, your customers will thank you for looking out for them and stay loyal to you longer.

4: Improves Marketing Efficacy

If you have money to burn, you may be happy with increased acquisitions or more market share. However, more often than not, the cost per acquisition and conversion rates take precedence over other metrics when assessing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

A phone number verification service gives you crucial information that makes SMS and telemarketing genuinely productive elements of your marketing mix. By giving your salespeople a clean contact list to work with, you get a better idea of their actual conversion rates and performance. When paired with address verification software, it can even give you location data on the phone numbers, further helping improve the targeting of your campaigns.

5: Improves Logistics

Most e-commerce retailers usually ask their customers for their phone numbers when they buy a product. It’s useful to have phone numbers on file to talk about the logistics of product delivery or to send the customer delivery notifications. For sensitive or high-value products, you may also want to follow up with a call to ensure they’ve received the package. 

A phone number verification service can ensure that you have the right contact details so that your customers’ packages are delivered safely and correctly.

Improve Engagement and ROI With Unifonic

Unifonic’s best-in-class phone number verification API helps you authenticate your users across communication channels, including voice, text, WhatsApp, and Push. Benefit from easy integration and global coverage when you partner with us. More than 5,000 enterprises across the world rely on Unifonic to power their communications. Schedule a free demo of our solution today.

Reach out to us for more questions about our phone number verification service or browse through our resources.

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