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6 ways to use push notifications to improve your e-commerce app

There are many benefits of having a customer download your e-commerce app rather than shopping on your website. One of them is the ability to use notifications. These are messages that customers can opt into on your app that pop straight up on the customer's device. You no doubt have several apps on your own phone right now that send you periodic notifications. You might even find that you look at these notifications as soon as they pop up. More so than even your email. And that’s kind of the point - Notifications are very prominent and very likely to be read by the recipient. In fact, the click rate is up to 7 times higher for a push notification than for an email.

So what are some of the most effective ways that e-commerce companies can use push notifications?

  1. 1. Order updates

Once a customer has made a purchase with you, you can send push notifications to confirm that the order has gone through successfully and to keep them informed about the status of their orders, such as when an order has been shipped, the delivery date, or delivery confirmation.

2. Abandoned cart reminders

If a customer adds items to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase, you can send a push notification shortly afterward to remind them to complete their purchase, perhaps even with an extra discount to entice them back.

3. Personalized product recommendations 

Push notifications can be used in combination with a customer's browsing and purchasing history to send personalized recommendations of products they might be interested in.

4. Sales and promotions

Use push notifications to let customers know about an upcoming sale or a current promotion. including special discounts and limited-time offers.

5. Customer loyalty rewards

Send push notifications to customers to let them know about loyalty rewards, such as points or discounts, that they have earned or are eligible for, and remind them of ways to cash in their loyalty points.

6. New product launches

A notification letting customers know about new products that have been added to your store, or announcing special launches or pre-order opportunities, can be a great way to generate interest and get people clicking through.


Push notifications are a powerful way for your e-commerce store to reach its customers with pertinent information about their current order, or to entice them back to your store for repeat business. However, notifications should be used with care and with restraint. Your customers will likely have a lot of notifications competing for their attention and companies that over-communicate with info that the customer does not find useful, may quickly find themselves removed or silenced on their customer’s devices.

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