Personalised Marketing for Customer Engagement

Generate more leads, accelerate sales and improve customer engagement with multichannel marketing anytime, anywhere.


Reach prospects and customers anywhere

Personalise your marketing with prebuilt and customisable multichannel marketing solutions in channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and Voice without any additional development.


Create better moments across the funnel

Create, schedule and automate communication campaigns. From event-triggered notifications to reactivation messages, launch and manage from anywhere.


Track and manage interactions easily

Measure the performance of your interactions at scale to eliminate the guesswork and develop a personalised marketing strategy that's optimised by your user data.


Automate your processes to focus on what matters

Use automation to send survey and get feedback from your customers or simply to follow up on leads with your internal sales teams.





Use Cases

Multi-channel marketing

Engage customers and increase their LTV with personalised offers, timely promotions, and deals across SMS, Voice and WhatsApp.

Surveys and feedback

Automate survey deployment and feedback collection across text or voice to ensure your customer is always heard.

Lead alerts

Send new lead notifications to reps instantly to make sure that no lead is left unserviced.

Virtual Marketing Agent

Qualify leads and nurture online conversations automatically with Chatbot Builder. Compatible with any platform or app.

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