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Send messages with enterprise-grade WhatsApp Business Platform

Send and receive WhatsApp messages globally with multi-language text, image, document, and location support.

Engage customers on the world's most popular messaging app


of users agree WhatsApp fosters a personal connection to businesses


feel more confident messaging businesses vs sending an email


call WhatsApp the easiest method of contacting a business

How businesses power conversations with WhatsApp Business Platform


WhatsApp chatbots for customer service

Delight customers with always-on instant replies for common inquiries and FAQs as well as optional (IVR) call deflection regardless of working hours or agent availability.


Multimedia messaging

Enrich messages with multimedia images, documents, audio, video, and location attachments for a seamless conversation experience beyond text-only restrictions and language limitations.


Enable more campaigns

Engage customers with personalised offers, timely promotions, and special deals to maximize brand awareness, increase conversions, and boost customer loyalty while improving ROI.




Manage all of your WhatsApp Business Platform with Unifonic

Step-by-step onboarding

Seamless WhatsApp Business Platform onboarding to instantly improve customer experience and satisfaction with business communications.

Branded business identity

Get your business account accompanied with a blue verification tick - increase customer's trust and brand loyalty.

Customisable templates

Scale customer service by utilising customisable and pre-approved templates with our WhatsApp Business Platform chatbot support tools.

Enterprise-grade security

Send business conversations securely with end-to-end WhatsApp encryption to ensure user privacy and message authenticity.

Real-time analytics

Generate real-time reports to gain insights about WhatsApp conversations, message deliverability, and customer interactions.

Early access to new features

Get notified of features that enable your business to scale faster and bigger with WhatsApp Business Platform, through Unifonic


Why choose Unifonic as your WhatsApp Business Platform Solution Provider?

check-circle Best-in-class API

Create better moments with an On-Premises API or a Cloud API hosted by Meta that power your conversations anytime, all the time.

check-circle Global coverage

Reach more than 95% of the world with a single platform.

check-circle Secure and reliable

Enterprise-grade software that has powered more than 27 billion interactions.


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