Scale multichannel marketing from one platform

Reach your entire customer base across multiple channels at the touch of a button.

Multichannel marketing made simple


Mobile marketing from one platform

Reach hundreds of thousands over SMS, Voice and WhatsApp from a single web-based interface.


Accelerate time to market

Launch, monitor, and manage cross-channel campaigns from any device, at any time with ready-made, web-accessible capabilities.


Measure and optimize campaigns

Build nurture campaigns based on historical campaign performance and extract campaign data for retargeting efforts.




How businesses are using Multichannel Campaigns

Personalized offers and promotions

Drive conversions by enriching your messages with rich-media and CTA buttons that get the conversation started.

Re-engagement campaigns

Reactivate customers and prospects with abandoned carts or stale pipeline to drive sales.

Loyalty programs

Strengthen relationships and drive profitability with offers, rewards and coupons using unique links or QR codes.

Announcements and special greetings

Build deeper connections by extending seasonal greetings by voice or by adding video or imagery to messages.

Important updates and alerts

Anticipate customers needs by keeping them proactively informed over their preferred channel.

Internal engagement

Enable staff to react proactively by issuing important info, reminders, alerts and updates directly to their mobile devices using voice or text messaging


Why choose Unifonic?

check-circle Best-in-class API

Create better moments with APIs that power your conversations anytime, all the time.

check-circle Global coverage

Reach more than 95% of the world and more with a single platform.

check-circle Secure and reliable

Enterprise-grade software that has powered more than 27 billion interactions.


Get started with Unifonic today

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