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Success stories powered by Unifonic: Slide

What if you could view your favorite restaurant’s menu, order food, and chat about your dietary preferences without ever leaving WhatsApp? That is precisely what Slide offers their customers. Tune in as Slide CEO Faisal Albaraiki explains how the Unifonic platform enables Slide to provide their customers seamless experiences.

Slide_logo Slide is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers businesses a one-stop solution for social ordering via the business's social media accounts. Slide manages the day-to-day online orders via social platforms so businesses can focus on their core strengths whilst leveraging the capabilities and scale of Slide.

Using the Unifonic customer engagement platform, Slide provides sales solutions through WhatsApp Business Platform making the end-to-end customer experience simple and efficient. Customers can connect to the restaurant's WhatsApp account and start communicating via chatbot. They simply select their preferred language, choose their delivery location, and are able to check out the full menu. Once they've selected their location and branch, they can browse the menu through the WhatsApp catalog which provides detailed images, pricing, and other valuable information. The customer then receives a shopping cart summary via WhatsApp, along with a convenient payment link to finalize the transaction. Payments can be made quickly and securely through the Slide payment gate, which allows customers to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and STC Pay, or add their credit card details if needed. Once the order is processed, it's directed to the Slide ordering platform which helps restaurants manage everything in one place, for every order received from WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps, and Twitter.



The result is an innovative and convenient mobile customer journey that makes ordering food seamless and fun. 

At Unifonic, we are proud to empower clients with innovative solutions that improve customer experiences. Because it's not only what customers want but what they expect - seamless and efficient journeys over their preferred channels.  

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