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Build customer trust

Utilize banking SMS alerts to provide secure authentication, detect fraud, and enable automatic payments, boosting customer confidence.

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Use OTP authentication to protect your customers

Reduce the risk of fraud with one-time passwords, identity verifications, login confirmations, and much more. Learn More

Send payment reminders

Assist customers in maintaining their accounts by sending payment reminders through multiple channels, along with secure links for direct payment. Learn More

Offer 24/7 multi-language support

Provide instant responses to FAQs, Ts and Cs, FOREX rates, IBAN letter requests, and requests for account balance with links to apps and platforms for secure document sharing. Enable after-hours requests such as loan payments using a self-serve chatbot. Hand over to a human agent for complex queries using live chat and manage CSAT scores by issuing surveys after each interaction. Learn More

Built for 
your business and function


Inform customers about reduced interest rates and create personalized offers to boost new loan applications, as well as incentivize loyal customers with bonus points towards purchases.

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IT & Operations

Simplify customer interactions with 2FA and voice authentication for verification and consent. Use account alerts and transaction verification to manage finances and prevent fraudulent transactions.

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Customer Service

Empower customers to report fraudulent transactions, change and update details or speak to an agent

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