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The Rise of the Super App

Wouldn't it be great to have one app that could do everything you need? That's the idea behind the super app and its implications for eCommerce are huge.

What is a Super App?

A super app is a platform that offers a variety of services within one app. This can include anything from ordering food to hailing a ride to paying your bills. Instead of having to download and manage a bunch of different apps, you can just use one.

Super apps are popular in Asia, where they originated, and are starting to gain traction in other parts of the world as well. In China, for example, WeChat is the most popular super app with over 1 billion monthly active users in 2018.

However, Meta has recently announced its plans to allow WhatsApp users to shop within the app - demonstrating that the concept of the super app is catching on globally and could mean big things for the future of eCommerce.

What Are the Benefits of Super Apps?

Super Apps offer a lot of advantages for both users and businesses. For users, they provide a convenient one-stop-shop for all their needs. For businesses, they provide a way to reach a larger audience with their services.

Increased Customer Engagement

Super Apps keep users engaged for longer periods since they offer a variety of services. When users have to switch between apps to get what they need, they're more likely to get distracted and move on to something else.

But when everything is conveniently located in one place, users are more likely to stick around and continue using the app. This increased customer engagement can lead to more sales and conversions for businesses as well as more opportunities for targeted advertising.

More Data

Super apps collect a lot of data about their users since they are used for such a wide range of activities. This data can be used to better understand customer preferences and needs, and to target them with more relevant products and services.

For instance, one customer may buy a lot of take-out food while another frequently books taxis. This data can be used to offer each customer tailored deals and discounts that are more likely to lead to a sale for specific items.

Also, because the user's data is contained in a single log-in, their data is more secure and is less likely to be compromised than if it were spread out across multiple apps.

Improved Customer Experience


Super Apps provide a better overall experience for users since they can do everything they need to do in one place. Convenience is key for customers, and super apps deliver on that front.

Businesses can also use super apps to improve the customer experience by offering features such as in-app chat support, easy returns, and loyalty programs. All of these things make it easier for customers to do business with you, which can lead to more sales and repeat business.

Increased Reach

Since they have the potential to reach a large number of people, superapps can be used for so many different things. No longer will consumers be constrained by the limited number of apps they can have on their phones.

This means big players will have a wider audience to sell their products and services to, however, smaller competitors could get squeezed out. This could be problematic for businesses that don't have the resources to develop their own super app.

What Does the Future Hold for Super Apps?

Although super apps have great potential, it's still early days and they are not without their challenges. For businesses, the biggest challenge is likely to be integrating all their services into one app. Super apps could also pose challenges for smaller businesses that operate in very specific niches and are unlikely to be able to keep up with the big players. We are likely to see the use of Superapps converge on very few gatekeeper companies and smaller companies may well feel compelled to join up or risk missing out. Businesses that don't have access to a super app may well be at a disadvantage in the future, so it's important to stay ahead of the curve by partnering with a provider with access to the latest technology before your competitors do.

However, the benefits of super apps are hard to ignore, and they are likely to have a big impact on the future of eCommerce. So far, they have been mostly used in Asia but as Meta's plans for WhatsApp demonstrate, they will likely begin to gain traction in other parts of the world as well.

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