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The Evolution of unifonic’s Products


unifonic has a mission to streamline effective communications between businesses and their customers through a list of outstanding products. But do you know our story of innovation to move from simple text messaging to cloud communication platform? Let’s go on a quick journey over the past 14 years.


unifonic was established in 2006 with bulk SMS messaging to overcome a problem at that time of sending bulk SMS to multiple users exceeding the allowed number of recipients in GSM handsets at that era, and that’s when unifonic started A2P messaging.

With a direct connection to mobile operators, solid infrastructure, high quality of service, a cloud-based SMS gateway and a strong commercial invasion to the market our market share kept increasing and our brand name started to shine. 

unifonic kept a steady performance and noticeable growth that in 2018 unifonic closed a $21M Series A funding round. And that was a boost to chase the long-awaited dream.

Since the SMS is mainly a one-way communication and it's used mainly for notification, the need for customer engagement raised and we had the plan and the vision ready, until the year 2019 when we signed our partnership with Facebook to be the first WhatsApp solution provider in the middle east. And that’s when we changed the game.

“In today’s highly-competitive and fast-paced business environment, customers demand greater interaction, looking for more content and material to be pushed through the channels they want. It is paramount that businesses are able to provide this engagement across several touchpoints, including widely used instant messaging apps.” 

“By utilizing rapidly evolving technologies, unifonic has taken the lead in providing our customers with this capability and elevate the end customer engagement to a whole new level in the region.”

Ahmed Hamdan, CEO of unifonic. October 2019.

The year 2020 came with it’s challenges that we faced with our ambition, as we launched the WhatsApp for Business API and not much later our chatbot,  agent console, Twitter DM, market place and Voice services followed. And that’s when we introduced our cloud communication platform that provides the omnichannel experience focused on customer’s preferences and providing an outstanding customer experience.

We empowered the customer’s communication by focusing on the customer journey. From getting to know the business and its services, to coming back with a question about the service or product they purchased, customers turn to messaging in every step of the buying process. We opened up a world of opportunities to grow revenue, reduce pressure on customer service and minimize friction on the path towards the purchase. 


And this is just the beginning, with the sky being our limit we are planning for a full communication ecosystem to be launched in the future.


With more than 5,000 business customers, unifonic has facilitated over five billion enabled interactions this year in 190-plus countries via more than 720 mobile operators. unifonic's easy-to-use products enable developers, marketers and business owners to communicate with customers through text messaging, voice and instant messaging apps. And yet, still, more to come. 


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