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Text Marketing Best Practices

Owning your own restaurant might have been your dream, but as a new business owner, you might be facing certain challenges that can make it your worst nightmare. To succeed, you need to be at the top of your

There’s no doubt that text messages have made life easier for us, but keeping their marketing potential in perspective, it’s fair to say that they are a game-changing solution. Companies invest millions in their marketing strategies and campaigns, but sometimes, they ignore the simplest and most effective options. Adopting SMS marketing software and adhering to industry best practices can nullify the size advantages of corporate giants and make consumer marketing a level playing field for everyone.

It’s also a good way to ensure your message gets seen. Email marketing often suffers from notoriously low open rates. Text messages, on the other hand, are read within the first three minutes. This can make all the difference for companies that are operating on a budget and want to compete.

This blog goes into some of the reasons you should use automation software for your messaging campaigns as well as text marketing and WhatsApp business best practices.

Advantages of Using SMS Marketing Software



Loyalty Programs


What better way to keep your customers coming back to you than rewarding their loyalty to your business? Loyalty programs are a popular tool for customers and marketers alike. People like getting something for nothing and periodic rewards can be something to look forward to. Similarly, marketers are finding out that investing in loyalty programs is a lot cheaper than retargeting a lost customer.

Unifonic’s SMS marketing platform allows you to send promotional offers directly to your enrolled customers. This keeps them informed of the latest offers and keeps them engaged with your brand. You can also send them updates about their reward points and renewal reminders

Our two-way SMS system also gives them a chance to interact back with you.



Timely Messages

Timing is everything and is a key Text Marketing best practice. Whether your message engages the customer or not can have a lot to do with the time you send it. Poorly timed messages are sure to annoy and irritate your customers, which can drive them to unsubscribe from your service.

It’s better to avoid sending messages late at night or too early in the morning. The ideal time to send a message is usually between 10 am–2 pm. During this period, people are fully awake and able to attend to business. An SMS marketing platform can help you schedule your messages so that they’re always sent at the right time.



Customer Care

Customer satisfaction can make or break retail businesses. By employing multichannel customer support, including via SMS, email, and voice calls, you can improve response and resolution times. With Unifonic’s solutions, you can achieve this efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our SMS marketing software even lets you send links to surveys that your customers can fill out. Here you can ask them for their valuable feedback and use it to improve your services.



Enticing CTAs

Businesses often end up using the same calls to action, which can undermine the most well-put-together marketing messages and contribute to a sense of sameness and brand clutter. Getting creative with your CTAs is an important text marketing best practice. You can use it to offer discounts, promo codes, and other exciting updates. The right CTA can evoke an impulse reaction and improve customer engagement with your service.



Paperless Invoicing

A big advantage of using SMS marketing software is its ability to integrate with your point-of-sale systems and provide e-invoices directly to your customers. Once the transaction is complete, you can send PDF invoices directly to their registered numbers. You reduce paper consumption and save on printing costs in one go.


Unsubscribe Option

A captive audience is only good as long as they’ve consented to hear you. By making sure your customers can opt out of receiving your messages, you improve their experience with your brand. It’s a text marketing best practice to include this option in every message so that your customers can easily unsubscribe whenever they want. If you’re using SMS marketing software, it’s easy to set up boilerplate additions to every message you send out.

There’s no doubt texting is a powerful communication tool. Businesses need to bear in mind, however, that there is a fine line between marketing and spamming. By respecting your customers’ boundaries and sending useful messages, you can drive conversion and capture market share on the cheap. Explore Unifonic’s SMS marketing platform used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Request a free demo for your business today. Keep up with our blog for more text marketing and WhatsApp business best practices.

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