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2022 Guide to SMS Marketing Services

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. With the advent of smartphones, marketers have found a number of ways to target their audiences through mobile and in-app advertising. However, this has created a lot of ad clutter and customers are quickly becoming desensitized to all the marketing they’re subjected to when they’re browsing on their phones. This has opened up a new opportunity for marketers — SMS marketing services. The trend is quickly gaining ground, or rather, it’s regaining ground after having been displaced by digital advertising over 10 years ago.

By investing in an SMS marketing platform, you can entirely bypass the competition for digital impressions. It can help you reach your customers quickly and directly get successful conversions.


Components of SMS Marketing


Coming up with a text message isn’t difficult, but making sure it relates to your campaign and audience can get you thinking.

The most important part of your campaign is coming up with keywords that resonate with your brand and is able to convey the right message to your customers.

The next thing to consider is the shortcode. This is the number that customers have to reply to in order to avail of the offer you are providing. When the customer agrees to be a part of your campaign, they can reply on the shortcode using the keyword you decided. This indicates consent to participate and follow the rules of the campaign. Interactive two-way messages are also a great tool for obtaining real feedback from your customers.

Advantages of SMS Marketing Services

Marketers often experience disbelief when they find out about all the advantages of SMS marketing. Read on to learn more about them.



High Engagement Rate

To put it in context, consider the engagement rate on email marketing and cold calling. It’s easy to ignore calls or delete emails without even reading them. However, 90% of SMS messages tend to be read within the first three minutes.

To ensure a positive experience with your SMS marketing services, give your customers the option of opting in or out. This gives your audience a sense of control over the situation and may even make them more receptive to future messages.



Track Progress

You can keep track of engagement and conversions at each step of the campaign. Everything from the initial broadcast to the delivery and opening of the message can be tracked with an SMS marketing services platform. It gives you a wealth of information and metrics to help you continuously optimize your campaign and get more out of your campaign spend.



Audience Feedback

It’s always a good idea to get a conversation going with your customers. It gives you a lot of qualitative feedback on how your audience feels about your brand and your messaging. A top SMS trend is to include interactive content. This is possible with the right SMS marketing services platform

A short message providing your customers with clear feedback instructions can do wonders for your future conversion rates. If you add any links in the message, just make sure they are optimized for mobile too.



Fast Delivery

Buy into a system that speeds up campaign management for you. You’d be surprised how many SMS platforms can glitch out during the broadcast and fail to deliver your message. This leads to a consistently lower return on investment for you. With the right SMS marketing services, all you need to do is type the message and press send Your message is guaranteed to be delivered instantly and flawlessly.



Personalized Message

Add a personal touch to your messages by speaking to your customers directly and including their names. A popular SMS trend is to use local events as a means to connect with your audience.

There are numerous ways you can use SMS marketing services and capitalize on the opportunities they offer. Remember to track your campaigns and make the process fun for your customers. Discount codes, special offers, and other promotions work fairly well with this type of marketing.


See Exceptional Reach and Customer Engagement With Unifonic

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