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Simple and Effective Ways to Use SMS for Your Business

The technology behind SMS has been around since 1992 and it became a global phenomenon in the early 2000s. Since then many other messaging systems have come and gone (remember BBMs?) but SMS is still almost universally recognized and used. So in a world where such longevity is rare and where more and more transactions are carried out via smartphone, how can businesses harness this technology to keep their customers happy and support their growth? Let’s dig deeper into how you can use SMS marketing services in 8 simple and effective ways.

  1. 1. Order confirmations

There’s often a moment of doubt in a customer’s mind when making an online purchase. Did the order go through? Did I make a mistake?  A prompt SMS order confirmation means your customers know that their order has been received and is being processed. Extra details like the cost and items ordered can also be added.

As soon as an order is made, your SMS platform can automatically generate a customized message. In addition, you'll be able to achieve integration with mobile apps, online solutions, and business systems through a single SMS API allowing you to keep track of customer communications across multiple channels.

2. Delivery updates

Keeping your customers updated with order status and delivery date is key to keeping them satisfied, and reducing calls to your customer service team. Automated SMS updates and delivery notifications triggered by status changes keep your clients up to date without having to involve customer service teams. 

3. Appointment reminders

  1. docs appointment

Billions of dollars are lost to businesses annually due to people simply not showing up to appointments. This can be a significant issue in the healthcare industry where an estimated 23% of all appointments are missed, using up precious resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

With an automated SMS, you can send appointment reminders to patients and even offer the option to add them to their calendars. And since many people simply forget that they’ve made an appointment at all, a timely reminder a day before an appointment makes no-shows much less likely.

Studies have shown a 38% reduction in no-shows in a healthcare setting by sending an SMS reminder, making it a cost-effective way to help clinics and hospitals run more efficiently.

4. Flash sale/Limited time offers

When it comes to Flash Sales, faster is better. According to statistics from Techjury, “more than 60% of customers read texts within one to five minutes after receiving them”. You can include a call to action (CTA) in your SMS messages that encourage customers to take advantage of the offer. Engaging customers with personalized offers, timely promotions, and special deals will maximize brand awareness, increase conversions, and boost customer loyalty while improving a company’s ROI.

  1. 5. Get feedback after a sale

Customer feedback is an essential tool to fine-tune and nourish your business. SMS is a simple way to interact with your customers and get quick, useful feedback.

Open rates for SMS messages are as high as 98% amongst phone users and with response rates of up to 45%, there is a compelling case to use it as a channel for requesting feedback. Compared to email where only 22% of recipients are likely to open your message and just 3% may respond, it becomes an even more attractive proposition. 

To increase response rates even further, you can include a call to action in your messages. For example, “Follow the link to submit feedback.”, or simply ask a customer to reply to your text with a rating from one to five.

6. Deliver OTP for logins

Beef up your authentication and earn your customers’ trust with an extra layer of security. One-Time Passwords delivered through SMS are efficient, reliable, safe, and fast. They prevent phishing and malicious attacks and because they must be used within a limited time frame, they improve customer security and safety.

7. Delivering money off coupons

male reading smartphone

Who doesn’t like a good discount? Consumers are constantly seeking ways to save money and are very receptive to the idea of making savings, regardless of the prevailing economic climate. Even more so if you can use previous purchase data to send offers for products that they are more likely to want.

A well-targeted and well-timed voucher via SMS can encourage customer loyalty and satisfaction. Hence, businesses that deliver the right offers through the right channels and at the right time, can see their uptake rates increase.

  1. 8. Product launch promotions

Letting current customers know about an upcoming product launch can build up demand before release. As long as the product is relevant to the customer, most will be happy to be informed about it. And since they are already your customer, they already have a relationship with you and the barriers to purchase are fewer. A bulk SMS API integrated into your CMS will ensure that you are hitting the right segment of your customer base.


Done well, an SMS strategy can increase your customer engagement and revenue. Business SMS can build customer loyalty through personalized messages and two-way conversations. By sending customers timely, relevant information over a channel they trust and use frequently, and by encouraging replies, SMS becomes a tool to ensure that your customers feel valued and can increase the chances of them returning to your business in the future. It’s an effective way to ensure that your customers feel valued and can increase the chances of them returning to your business in the future. With an SMS Service API from a reliable provider, a lot of the heavy lifting can be done for you.

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