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Success stories powered by Unifonic: Rekab Solution Company


Revolutionizing the Ride-Sharing Experience with Unifonic at Rekab Solution Company.


Rekab Solution Company, a pioneering ride-sharing company based in Riyadh, embarked on a journey of transformation in the fiercely competitive transportation market. Founded just 2.5 years ago, Rekab Solution Company has quickly expanded its operations to various cities across Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Dammam, and the western region. Their unique approach to ride-sharing with dedicated drivers and large, comfortable vehicles sets them apart from their competition.


The Challenge

As Rekab Solution Company's ambitions grew, so did their need to enhance their customer engagement strategies. Their mission was clear: to deliver a seamless and efficient ride-sharing experience. To achieve this, they sought innovative solutions to streamline their communications and marketing efforts while improving customer service.


Unifonic Partnership

Rekab Solution Company decided to integrate with Unifonic, a leading communication solutions provider. This partnership aimed to address two crucial aspects:


  • Expanding the Reach with WhatsApp

    Rekab Solution Company recognized that WhatsApp was a preferred communication channel in the region and wanted to offer their customers the ability to book and reschedule rides with it. Leveraging Unifonic's expertise and technology, Rekab Solution Company successfully integrated WhatsApp as a booking channel.

"Chatbots and the WhatsApp channel helped automate the process, reducing the need for a larger team to handle phone calls for bookings." ― Ali Essa Jaafari, Customer Service and Telesales Manager at Rekab Solution Company

  • Conversational Marketing with Chatbots

    Rekab Solution Company understood the power of conversational marketing, especially with high engagement and conversion rates. Unifonic introduced Rekab Solution Company to the world of chatbots, enabling them to launch automated WhatsApp campaigns. This not only engaged customers effectively but also created a substantial impact on Rekab Solution Company's growth.

Results and Impact

The results of Rekab Solution Company's partnership with Unifonic have been transformative:


  1. Increased Customer Engagement

    Rekab Solution Company witnessed a significant boost in customer engagement, thanks to WhatsApp outreach campaigns. With a 50% open rate and an impressive 10% conversion rate out of each campaign, their marketing strategies became more efficient.


  1. Enhanced Automation

    By leveraging Unifonic's chatbot capabilities, Rekab Solution Company achieved impressive efficiencies. The chatbot streamlined the process, offering real-time responses to customer inquiries and even closing tickets without agent intervention. This not only improved customer satisfaction but also reduced response times from more than 30 minutes to just one minute.


  1. Expansion and Strategic Partnerships

    With Unifonic as their trusted partner, Rekab Solution Company expanded its operations to more cities, with a focus on enhancing B2B services. The company now looks forward to integrating chatbots with their payment gateway to provide a fully automated ride-booking experience.


  1. Customer Satisfaction

    Rekab Solution Company's customers have responded positively to the changes, appreciating the quicker responses and more efficient booking processes. Rekab Solution Company's commitment to providing a superior experience has translated into increased loyalty among its user base.


Future Growth

Rekab Solution Company is now equipped with the tools, strategies, and support it needs to thrive in a competitive market. Their journey is far from over, as they plan to expand their services further and continue embracing automation to improve customer interactions. With Unifonic as a strategic partner, Rekab Solution Company is poised for an exciting future of growth and innovation.



The partnership between Rekab Solution Company and Unifonic exemplifies how technology, innovation, and strategic communication can revolutionize an industry. Rekab Solution Company's journey of transformation showcases the power of conversational marketing and the role of chatbots in achieving remarkable results. By leveraging WhatsApp and chatbots, Rekab Solution Company has redefined the ride-sharing experience and continues to set new standards in the transportation industry. With Unifonic by their side, the road ahead looks promising for Rekab Solution Company.


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