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The Importance of Collecting Feedback in Omnichannel Marketing

Companies today are under constant pressure to deliver amazing customer experiences at every touchpoint. They're also being held accountable like never before, thanks to the extent to which people are prepared to share their experiences with the wider world via social media. As a result, marketers now have to be more strategic than ever about how they collect customer feedback.

Strategies such as conducting customer surveys at key touchpoints, using social media monitoring tools, and analyzing customer service interactions can help marketers collect the feedback they need to improve the customer experience.

But what's even more important than collecting feedback, and a step that is often missed is actually using the feedback collected to make meaningful changes.

Maximizing Your Feedback Strategy

Feedback is only valuable if it's used to make changes that improve the customer experience. That's why it's so important for companies to have a process in place for handling customer feedback. Feedback should be collected, analyzed, and then action should be taken to improve the customer experience.

The cycle of collecting and acting on customer feedback should be continuous so that companies can always be making improvements. And it's not just the marketing department that should be involved. Customer feedback should be collected and acted upon by everyone in the company who plays a role in the customer experience.

Each method of obtaining customer feedback has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the right method (or combination of methods) for your company.

Online Reviews, Ratings, and Omnichannel Call Center Strategies

Social proof is one of the most powerful forms of marketing because it’s perceived as a genuine and unbiased opinion, and online reviews are one of the top forms of social proof. When potential customers see that others have had positive experiences with your company, they're more likely to do business with you.

Companies should take a proactive approach to ensure customers are reviewing and rating their experiences with the company. This can be done by sending customers a follow-up email, WhatsApp, or SMS after they've made a purchase or interacted with customer service along with links to review sites in receipts.

In addition, an Omnichannel call center strategy should also be in place so that calls are transferred to the best location for handling. An Omnichannel call center can receive, process, and respond to customer feedback through a variety of channels such as live chat, phone, email, social media, or wherever the customer initiates contact.

When done well, collecting customer feedback can be a powerful tool for improving the customer experience. It can help companies identify problems, make changes that improve the customer experience, and build stronger relationships with customers. Requesting feedback after each customer interaction is also proven to increase customer satisfaction.

Why Omnichannel is Important

Omnichannel marketing is the process of managing customer interactions across all channels, including online, offline, and mobile. It's a relatively new concept, but it's quickly gaining popularity as more and more companies adopt it.

There are many benefits of omnichannel marketing, but one of the most important is that it allows companies to collect customer feedback from all channels in one place. This makes it much easier to track and analyze customer feedback and take action to improve the customer experience.

Omnichannel marketing also allows companies to provide a more consistent experience for their customers, regardless of the channel they're using. Customers should have the same experience whether they're interacting with your company online, in-store, or on the phone.

Customer feedback is especially valuable for B2B companies, as it can be used to improve the sales process and customer service interactions.

And for eCommerce companies, customer feedback can be used to improve the shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

Review Platforms and Feedback Channels

feedback in omnichannel marketing-feedback channels

There are many different platforms and channels that can be used to collect customer feedback. The most important thing is to choose the ones that are most relevant for your company and your customers. For collecting reviews, your best bet is to check out platforms like Capterra, G2 Crowd, Bing, Facebook, Google, and TrustRadius.

Having your eyes on these platforms already will help with finding any problems that your customers might have already left for you.

For collecting feedback, you can use platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, live chat, forms, surveys, and phone calls. The key is to make it easy for customers to give feedback and to make sure you're collecting feedback from all channels.

Collecting customer feedback is essential for any company that wants to provide a great customer experience. It's also important for companies that want to improve their sales process, increase conversion rates, or build stronger relationships with their customers.

Omnichannel marketing is the best way to collect customer feedback, as it allows you to manage customer interactions across all channels in one place. And by automating the process using an omnichannel solution provider, you can make it easy to collect and respond to customer feedback without spending a lot of time or resources.

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