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Multichannel Communications for Utility Companies

Utility companies have the responsibility of providing essential services such as electricity, water, and gas to their customers. Traditionally, these organizations have used phone calls and emails and the mail to communicate with their customers. But with the recent advances in new technologies and communication platforms like chatbots, SMS, and the WhatsApp Business Platform, and the increase in the reliability of authentication and data security, communications in this sector have seen a great improvement.

Let's take a look at how multi-channel communication is helping utility companies provide better customer service and making their operations more efficient.

Send Bills and updates over instant messaging or SMS

With secure messaging and verification protocols, utility companies are now able to send bills directly to their customers' phones via SMS, WhatsApp, or other instant messaging platforms if the customer prefers it. Providing easy access to download bills or account information can lead to faster bill payments and an easier experience for customers. Great news for the company and the customer.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots are another great tool for utility companies to offer better customer service. With a well-designed chatbot that can deal with frequently asked questions and guide users through some standard processes, customers can get the information and service they need without having to get on the phone. This can take the load off call-center agents and help customers get the answers they need quickly.

Chatbots can range from a no-code/low-code menu-based bot that can be designed through a chatbot builder to AI and NLP-powered chatbots that can provide a more and more human experience.

Alerts for Outages and Service Updates

Utility companies can also keep their customers informed about outages and other issues that may arise. With tools such as the WhatsApp Business Platform, real-time alerts and service updates can be sent directly to customers' devices so they know what's happening. These updates can be directed to customers based on their location, type of account, or any other factor meaning that information can be sent only to those customers for whom it is most relevant. This helps your customers feel like they’re being kept in the loop and feel more secure about the services they are getting.

Money-Saving Tips

Utility companies can also use WhatsApp, SMS, or instant messaging to send out money-saving tips, recommendations for new services, or relevant promotions to their customers. These could include suggestions on how to reduce energy costs, save water, or information about rebates and other incentives. This can help to establish a relationship of trust between utility companies and their customers.

Bill Payments Are Now Easier

Multi-channel communications can also make it easier for customers to make their payments. With tools like the WhatsApp Business Platform, customers can now pay their bills directly through a messaging app. This means they don’t have to leave the platform that they are familiar with to pay their bills and makes the process simpler and faster for customers, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

Authentication and Verification

Utility companies can also use an authentication and verification API in combination with their multi-channel communications platform to verify customer identity before sharing privileged information. This helps companies to verify that customers are who they say they are and once someone’s identity is properly established, more relevant and customer-specific information can be shared and discussed. This is important because it allows conversations to be more useful and to deal with specific issues rather than talking in general terms.


The popularity and proliferation of mobile devices and messaging apps, together with the increasing sophistication of verification and security technologies, has made it easier for utility companies to communicate with their customers in a more personalised and useful way. Multi-channel communication can provide an easy way for customers to access bills and make payments, receive real-time service updates, and access other useful information. It also helps establish trust between the company and its customers. The use of platforms like Whatsapp, SMS, and other instant messaging apps can be invaluable for any utility company looking to provide better, broader, and more efficient customer service.

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