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Success stories powered by Unifonic: Motory, a part of Abdul Latif Jameel Technology, was launched in Saudi Arabia in 2014 with the goal of becoming the leading auto trading website. Since its inception, Motory has transformed into a comprehensive platform, accessible through both web and mobile app, facilitating the buying and selling of new and used cars from all makes and brands in the Kingdom.


Alongside its intermediary services, provides various value-added features, including car finance options, automotive-related content, and tools for valuation and comparison. Additionally, Abdul Latif Jameel Technology offers another product called Shop by Motory, where new and used cars owned by the company are available for sale, where prospective customers will be able to search through a vast collection of cars along with their specifications, inspection report, images and more, in addition to the ability to purchase the car fully online and having it delivered to their doorstep.

Abdul Latif Jameel Technology also offers an automotive product called Mazad by Motory. This app is for car auctions in KSA, where verified users can bid for desired cars in real-time. In addition, users can view comprehensive inspection reports and images, and they can also arrange for the purchased vehicles to be delivered to their desired location., directly integrated with over 70 car distributors and dealers in both KSA and Jordan, generates leads for these dealerships through its platform. Subsequently, it follows up on these leads by sending survey questions related to the actions taken by dealerships to engage with users interested in purchasing vehicles. This was a manual process carried out by the company’s call centre agents, which proved to be a daunting task given the exponential increase in the number of users. To address this challenge, the company turned to the WhatsApp automation solution provided by Unifonic to streamline its customer communications and lead generation process.



“WhatsApp automation has made it easier for our users to answer survey questions at their convenience without being bothered at inappropriate times. Consequently, the percentage of respondents to these surveys has significantly increased. The responses, captured by chatbots, enabled us to build a dashboard connected to our CRM system, which generates insights into our services and levels of customer satisfaction. Through WhatsApp, we are also able to showcase other services and products based on the answers we receive,” says Laith Haddad, Head of Product Development at Abdul Latif Jameel Technology.


Abdul Latif Jameel Technology now leverages automated WhatsApp chatbots to capture and monitor leads and ensure that users receive appropriate follow-up from its partners, such as car distributors and dealerships.
“Through our consistent follow-up and tracking efforts, we generate various analytical metrics to gain insights into nurturing these leads. Our objective extends beyond merely providing a platform for purchasing cars or services; we also prioritize ensuring that our users are satisfied and receive the highest level of attention possible,” says Haddad.


He says customer communication through WhatsApp saves Abdul Latif Jameel Technology time and effort and is more cost-effective than reaching its users through phone, email, or SMS. “Moreover, WhatsApp allows us to build trust with our users. We have also been able to automate our customer communications completely and reassign call center agents to other tasks. It also allows us to proactively reach out to customers with sales promotions and special offers.”


Haddad says Abdul Latif Jameel Technology chose Unifonic’s customer engagement platform because of its long-standing business relationship with the company. ‘We were already using Unifonic’s SMS services. With the help of their technical team, we were able to deploy WhatsApp chatbots without any hassle. We didn’t even have to evaluate other offerings in the market because we are quite happy with the reliability of Unifonic’s solutions and their exceptional account management.”


In 2023, expanded its geographical footprint by venturing into Jordan as a first-of-its-kind digital car marketplace.


Haddad adds that Abdul Latif Jameel Technology is now on the verge of launching more value-added services to retain its vast user base. “People buy cars maybe every 4-5 years, and we want to keep them coming back to us for services related to their cars. We are also in the process of adding new functionalities to chatbots with the help of Unifonic and rolling them out to other areas of the business. As we expand our business, WhatsApp chatbots will be valuable in capturing our customers’ experience.”

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