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Flexibility really is flexible

The future of work is here!  It is difficult to imagine that we will ever return to work as we knew it pre-pandemic; now, it is about making the new normal work for your organization and its people.  At Unifonic, we embrace a hybrid model with a large amount of flexibility built in.


The basics of what people want from work perhaps haven’t changed much (pay, benefits, company reputation, job security, safety and opportunity),  but outside of the basics, there is some transformation.  Many people have evaluated what is essential in life, and they want their work to reflect their values and provide a platform that offers them empowered, meaningful work.


Flexibility is part of empowerment. It’s about what Unifones bring to the table and the impact they have, not their physical location. Providing flexibility empowers our colleagues to manage their work, where they work, how they work, and timings. Some of us are morning people and some are night owls, so let’s play to our strengths!  


‘Trust and empowerment are non-negotiable at Unifonic. We trust and empower all our Unifones. I believe that we can achieve our ambitions and much more through our shared vision and goals. Where people physically do this is not important to me. The impact is what matters.

-Colin Christie, VP of People at Unifonic


Enabling people to be their best selves is what matters, whether that’s spending time with family and friends, visiting different places, or sometimes just escaping the day-to-day for a change of scenery.  That’s why we created our “Work from anywhere policy”.  Our Unifones can choose to work from anywhere worldwide for up to 10 weeks each year.  More than 40% of our Unifones have taken advantage of this so far this year.


“Summer in Bosnia is one of the prettiest in Europe, everything is green, and you can enjoy beautiful views everywhere.  Flexible working and working from anywhere are the greatest benefits you can receive.  Spending time with your family is the biggest blessing”.

-Berina Halilovic, Product Manager at Unifonic

We offer flexibility on working hours, days in the office, 30 days annual leave and ten weeks a year where our Unifones can work from anywhere in the world.  When people are in their work location, they work at least two days a week from the office.  We love the flexibility, but we also love interacting with each other. We continue to appreciate the need to meet face-to-face, build social capital and maximise our collaboration and joint problem-solving.


“We rely on our leaders to inspire and drive performance.  And we provide the tools to support this, including flexible working.  However, we never overlook the need for human contact to drive the growth of social capital across the business - the hybrid model allows us to have a balance”.

- Susan Hannam, Director of People Experience at Unifonic

The future of work will continue to evolve.  As Human Capital leaders, it is our job to listen, use the data, and evaluate and balance business requirements with people requirements.  Our culture-first approach enables us to do this at Unifonic, creating a culture of trust where true flexibility can flourish and benefit not just our Unifones but our organisation and beyond.


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