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E-Receipts, and the Digital Evolution of Retail Engagement

In today's digital age, the transition from paper receipts to e-receipts has been a game-changer for brands, offering a multitude of benefits. Picture a scenario where a customer makes a spontaneous purchase and receives a paper receipt that often ends up being discarded. This disconnected experience can lead to missed opportunities for the brand, and a frustrated customer.

Now, envision a different scenario: a customer provides their contact information during checkout and receives an e-receipt through a digital channel like WhatsApp, Email or SMS, straight to their handset.. After the purchase, they can share feedback about their in-store experience. A few days later, they receive personalized offers, directing them to the brand's website.

E-receipts bring several key benefits to brands:

  • Integration of One-Time Customers: E-receipts integrate one-time customers into the brand's digital ecosystem, nurturing long-term relationships.

  • Prompt Feedback Collection: Brands gather valuable feedback swiftly, allowing them to continuously enhance the in-store experience.

  • Paper Waste Reduction: The adoption of e-receipts eradicates 100% of paper waste at the point of sale (POS) checkout, contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • Digital Engagement: E-receipts direct customers to digital platforms, driving traffic and enhancing the overall digital experience.

  • Targeted Upselling: Brands can promote targeted upsell opportunities through e-receipts, boosting sales of relevant products.


In addition, e-receipts offer the opportunity to re-engage with customers through customized journeys, sending tailored promotional campaigns, surveys, access to loyalty programs,  and more, based on customer interests and preferences. This personalized approach fosters stronger connections and enhances customer loyalty.


The Unifonic Advantage

In the age of digital transformation, Unifonic provides a comprehensive cloud-based solution to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. With reduced time to value and smooth integration, Unifonic’s suite of native application connectors ensures streamlined connectivity with CRMs and business systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics , and broader technology ecosystems.

By leveraging Unifonic's conversational capabilities, retailers gain deeper insights into customer in-store experiences, driving operational improvements. Once customers are in the database, brands can use Unifonic’s no-code applications to orchestrate communication journeys, send marketing offers and promotions, and answer customer queries through their preferred channels.

In summary, the shift to e-receipts is not just about going digital; it's about building lasting customer relationships, achieving operational efficiency, and contributing to a sustainable future.

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