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Success stories powered by Unifonic: Alod

Transforming logistics with Unifonic's customer engagement solutions


Introduction: Alod, a global shipping gateway

Alod is a global shipping gateway - (3PL) aggregator focused on offering competitive and comprehensive logistic solutions with high-quality services through our digitized platform and application. Targeting both market segments (Business and Individuals). Covering more than 22 countries around the globe through our logistics services partners. To deliver the right products with high quality to the right customers at the right time and at the least possible cost, through adapting the 3PL business module.

Marwa Harb, Business Development Executive at Alod said: “Through our array of automated logistic solutions, we strive to offer more reliable, effective, and convenient delivery services to individuals and businesses. By minimizing human labor, our automated solutions aim to streamline processes while reducing shipping times and costs. By downloading our application, customers can punch in their shipping details, such as the pickup and drop-off locations and a brief district description, then choose one of our shipping partners' rates and pay directly with multiple payment options. This service provides customers with a seamless and hassle-free experience through door-to-door delivery, where the service provider’s carrier picks up the order right from the customer’s door and delivers the shipment to the addressee. With a commitment to serving both individuals and businesses, Alod aims to redefine the logistics industry by leveraging technology and customer-centricity.’’

Business goals and challenges: Enhancing customer experience

Alod understands the significance of customer experience in its business strategy. That's why their primary objective is to provide seamless and efficient logistics services that meet the needs of both individual and business customers. The company recognizes that providing exceptional service is crucial for building strong customer relationships, retention, and brand loyalty.

To achieve this, Alod utilizes its mobile and web apps as a primary interaction channel, allowing customers to download the app and engage with the company seamlessly. By focusing on streamlining the logistics processes, it aims to become the go-to choice for shipping solutions  

However, much like most logistics companies, they faced challenges addressing a high volume of queries and providing real-time updates on shipments. These operational hindrances strained resources and impeded their ability to maximize customer satisfaction and personalize customer relationships.

Before integrating Unifonic's solutions, Alod faced the following challenges:

  1. Manual customer engagement: Alod needed a more efficient way to engage with customers, answer their queries, and provide real-time shipment updates.
  2. Inconsistent communication: Manual processes led to inconsistent communication, which could result in miscommunication or incorrect information being shared with customers.
  3. Resource intensiveness: Handling customer inquiries and support manually required significant time and effort from the support team.
  4. Language barriers: When customers spoke a different language to the support team, it sometimes came to communication challenges.

Marwa Harb, Business Development Executive at Alod said: “In the logistics industry, shipment tracking is considered incredibly important. It is necessary to provide tracking updates to ensure the customer is well informed about their shipments. Customers may have several queries regarding their shipment, including the current location of the cargo, the delivery date, and many others. On the other side, some potential clients have queries regarding Alod services, our coverage, and our application's efficiency and functionality. Thanks to Unifonic, we now have the best solutions to address these challenges and queries and improve customer engagement and satisfaction.”

Unifonic's solutions for automated customer engagement

Unifonic's solutions proved instrumental in addressing Alod's challenges and streamlining its customer engagement and support processes. Central to this strategic alliance was the creation of a WhatsApp self-serve channel, a proactive platform offering real-time shipment tracking information to customers at their fingertips. Customers can instantly access all necessary details about their shipments by entering their booking number.

Beyond tracking, this initiative grew into a broader engagement strategy where Alod used Unifonic's campaign platform to proactively share sales promotions, special offers, and important updates with customers through SMS and WhatsApp campaigns.

By doing this, Alod not only elevated customer support to a 24/7 availability through Unifonic’s WhatsApp chatbot but also streamlined operational efficiencies, effectively reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction levels. This automation allowed the efficient handling of a large volume of requests with a lean team, thereby optimizing costs per interaction and enhancing operational efficiency.

Marwa Harb revealed that before implementing Unifonic's solutions, Alod's campaigns typically resulted in around 20 to 25 registrations. However, the innovative campaigns via WhatsApp remarkably increased customer registrations by 75%, showcasing WhatsApp’s effectiveness as a tool for customer engagement and conversion.


Looking ahead: A strengthened partnership and vision for the future

Alod's partnership with Unifonic has been pivotal in achieving its current success. As Alod continues to grow and expand its services, the company plans to further integrate with Unifonic's platform, including exploring voice-based communication channels. The goal is to ensure seamless, automated communication across various touchpoints while maintaining high service quality and customer satisfaction.

Marwa added "In the journey towards our current success, Alod's partnership with Unifonic is a pivotal milestone. As our company reaches new heights and widens its service horizons, we envision an even deeper integration with Unifonic's platform. Our overarching objective through this partnership is to forge a path of effortless, automated communication across all touchpoints, all while upholding our commitment to exceptional service quality and unwavering customer satisfaction."


Alod's journey with Unifonic illustrates the transformative potential of technology-driven solutions in the logistics industry, especially in relation to maximizing customer support, engagement, and operational efficiency. By leveraging Unifonic's powerful communication tools, Alod has transformed its business model, providing customers with an exceptional experience while achieving its growth objectives. The partnership between Alod and Unifonic exemplifies how innovative solutions can redefine traditional industries and pave the way for a more streamlined and customer-focused future.

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