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4 Features of the WhatApp Business Platform That Help Increase Sales

The WhatsApp Business Platform can be a powerful tool for any business looking to streamline communication with its customers. In the Middle East where there are already upwards of 115 million people using the app, businesses are starting to realize the potential of the platform to enhance their offering. With its range of features, businesses are now able to connect quickly with customers, answer common questions, and share information about their products and services, all on a platform the customers are already very familiar with. We’ve put together what we think are the top features of the WhatsApp Business Platform. All of which have the potential to significantly improve your business operations.

Labels and Filters

In a business where customer contacts come in via various channels (email, WhatsApp, SMS, voice, etc), and where the person who takes an initial query may not always be the person who resolves it, it in can be a challenge to collect and organize information in such a way that information is not lost along the way. The labels and filter features of the WhatsApp Business Platform allow businesses to organize and sort their WhatsApp chats in one central location and through a shared inbox, making it easier to find and respond to specific customers or messages. This reduces the possibility of a customer having to repeat themselves several times as they speak to different departments within an organization. With the additional integration of an API into the CRM, the business can go a step further and collect incoming messages from a variety of different platforms so that nothing is lost. This multichannel approach can help businesses keep track of customer interactions and ensure that they are providing timely and accurate responses.

Short Links

By adding a link and icon to a business's social media account, ads, posts, emails, or website, customers can instantly click and start up a chat session with a salesperson or customer service agent. This feature helps capture impulse purchases more easily because potential customers can make a decision on the spot or have their questions answered straight away before they have scrolled on and moved on to the next task in their day. It’s common for people to pay attention to an ad or a post very briefly, consider buying or finding out more info, then decide to ‘do it later’ and scroll on. Short links give people a reason to stick around and not get distracted.


By adding a catalog of products or services to a WhatApp for Business or Facebook account, customers can browse a business’ offering straight from the app without having to navigate between different apps and browsers on their device. Combining this feature with the instant chat functionality can recreate a personal shopping experience where a customer can be guided through options and features with the help of images and videos and have all their questions answered right away. They can even make the purchase directly through the app if a payment gateway is active. A feature that makes it much easier for customers to make informed buying decisions.

Automated Messages

This feature allows businesses to send automated, pre-written responses to common questions and inquiries from customers. They are triggered based on the content of messages received by the customer. If these automated responses are formulated correctly so that they provide useful information, a resolution to the customer’s question, and a path to find out more information if required, they can save time and ensure that customers receive immediate answers to their questions, even if the business is unavailable to respond right away.


From looking at this list, it’s clear that the WhatsApp Business Platform is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline communication with their customers. With its range of features, businesses can easily connect with customers, answer common questions, and share information about their products and services.

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