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How the Voice Channel Streamlines Deliveries and Keeps Customer Data Secure

How the Voice Channel Streamlines Deliveries and Keeps Customer Data Secure

The last-mile delivery can be a significant challenge for enterprises in eCommerce, logistics, and delivery. Often, a voice call is the best way to confirm exact arrangements and make sure somebody will be there to receive the delivery.

But this creates a risk. Consumers naturally want to safeguard personal data such as their private phone numbers. They will avoid companies and delivery services if they think their information won’t be safe. And if there are breaches, the company is exposed to reputational damage and maybe even legal sanctions.

Enterprises in these sectors look to IT teams to find secure solutions. Ones that allow voice calls between customers and delivery staff to happen, but without the risk of off-app communications or misuse of customers’ private data.

There are, of course, technical solutions that allow phone conversations to happen while keeping everyone’s private contact data confidential. 

But what does this mean for the IT team? Yet another separate IT system to install and support? A difficult integration to connect the number masking application to the customer contact database? Technical support who don’t speak your language located on the other side of the world?

None of these are very appealing. Particularly when the IT team is already stretched by other digital transformation projects. And, of course, there’s the problem of training operational teams on how to use the application once it’s installed.


Number Masking (and More ) Made Easy

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What if none of that had to be true? That the fears about a difficult and expensive implementation were unfounded? 

Integrating number masking into your customer support operations doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be achieved quickly using unifonic’s Programmable Voice solution.

This secure, cloud-based platform also delivers the capability to send automated delivery reminders to customers using the voice channel. And there’s IVR functionality to allow customers to confirm or reschedule delivery times via their phone keypad-  without needing to send an email or contact your customer service team.

The Programmable Voice solution from unifonic is fully-featured and highly automated. It’s designed to be easy to implement and scale. The flexible APIs mean that you could have your number masking and other programmable voice solutions up and running within a day, supported by intuitive user tools such as text-to-voice that are easy to use. 

Billing is based on the number of transactions, which means the cost of entry is extremely low. The solution is locally hosted and fully compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements. Not only that, we are based in KSA and offer 24/7 local language support.

So, if your business wants to offer a more streamlined customer experience using the voice channel - while safeguarding customer confidentiality - you now have a solution to offer. One that’s easy and inexpensive to integrate with your other business systems and simple for your organisation to use. This is how digital transformation is supposed to work.



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