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Petromin Improve engagement & reduce costs with WhatsApp Business API

alnahdi-logo-1 Petromin wanted to be reachable anywhere, anytime, using a reliable channel with a wide user base, without increasing their operational cost.

The Challenge

Customer Engagement

Petromin wanted to be reachable anywhere, anytime, using a reliable channel with a wide user base, without increasing their operational cost. They wanted to enhance customer engagement and build brand awareness. 

Petromin found most of their customers' inquiries fell into similar categories, which offered the possibility of automating many responses.


Unifonic’s Solution?

WhatsApp for Business account with a smart assistant chatbot

chatbot icon

unifonic recommended Petromin adopt the WhatsApp Business API for its messaging service, [pointing out that it has a high user base in the Middle East (with penetration as high as 80% of smartphone users in Saudi Arabia), and is widely considered a safe, reliable messaging channel.

The company agreed, and unifonic activated the WhatsApp business account for Petromin’s unified number.

Unifonic provided Petromin with a rule-based chatbot with a flexible dashboard and chatbot builder to update the chatbot contents based on their customers’ reactions and the latest updates to their services.

Now, Petromin provides a smart assistant chatbot to answer most of the questions received by its customer service and call center team.

That means Petromin can offer customer support 24/7 without increasing the operational cost and by using a reliable, stable channel preferred by most of its customers.

Results and Benefits

Petromin monitored levels of customer inquiries and satisfaction before and after activating WhatsApp Business API.

Their analysis showed a 50% increase in customer engagement following WhatsApp activation and a significant increase in customer satisfaction. They also found operating costs for their call center fell, exceeding their expectations.

At the same time, they recorded an increase in new customers.

This resulted in:

  • 50% more customer engagement.
  • New customers
  • Reduced call center operational costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction.


Conclusion Statement

Petromin found WhatsApp Business API a highly effective channel to increase their availability to customers to provide responses to queries 24/7. 

Activating WhatsApp gave Petromin the ability to engage with customers on a popular messaging service.

Customers reacted extremely positively to the new channel, reflected in increased engagement and satisfaction.

This in turn enhanced Petromin’s brand reputation. Not only did the channel help Petromin lower its call center operating costs, it helped generate new business.


Petromin Corporation

Is a leading lubricants and automotive services company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operating four lines of business: oil lubricants, car servicing (Petromin Express), fuel retailing, and car dealerships.  With more than 5,000 employees, Petromin exports its products to over 40 countries in the GCC, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Petromin traces its origins back to 1968 when the company built its reputation for producing the highest quality lubricants in the region and has operated in Saudi Arabia for more than 50 years..

In 2007 Petromin went through a change of ownership and the start of a journey that has transformed the business into the leading automotive services company it is today, with an unmatched reputation for the highest quality products and services in the industry.


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