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Omnichannel Customer Notifications Can Be Easy and Cost-Effective

We all have our favorite communication channels, such as the ones we use every day to keep in touch with friends and family. What every modern enterprise wants to do is blend their business marketing messages seamlessly into their customers’ everyday lives and preferred styles of communication.

Until now, many enterprises haven’t been taking full advantage of all the communication channels they could be using to send notifications to customers. They think that more channels means more complication and cost.

Orchestrating customer notifications across multiple channels seems like a complex and expensive task. And there’s the added risk that uncoordinated messaging could confuse customers and make them lose interest.

Do these concerns still apply?

Or is it time to rethink your approach to omnichannel notifications?

Omnichannel Customer Experience Opportunities

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Businesses have never had more ways to stay in touch and let their customers know about transactions, offers, and updates. New channels are constantly emerging alongside social media, email, SMS, chat apps, live chat, chatbots, voice, and more. 

All of these communication channel marketing opportunities are happening in a world where e-commerce continues to grow rapidly and where relationships with customers are increasingly online.

The omnichannel customer experience is at home in this world. Messages and updates arrive through whatever channel is most suitable (depending on urgency and customer preference), meaning there’s much more of a chance that every message will be seen and acted on.

The Omnichannel Customer Experience

Failover and automated routing engines ensure that customers never miss out on key notifications. These notifications are contextual and timely, and are delivered when a predefined action is triggered rather than at a random time. Specified high-priority notifications can be delivered simultaneously across multiple communication marketing channels when urgency is paramount.

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Automation is the Key

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Omnichannel communication is all really simple and easy for customers. But for businesses, it has often seemed complex. The key to making omnichannel communication successful is automation.

With automation, organizations can set up messages quickly and easily and leave them to run, confident that they’ll reach their destinations without fail.

Less Cost, More Control

Enabling omnichannel notifications shouldn’t mean that your teams have to write a complex maze of code or pull data from multiple address books.

The omnichannel customer experience should be agile and efficient. For this to happen, all channels must be connected through a single product and API.

Omnichannel notifications become a viable business proposition when they:

  • Give enterprises the option to prioritise the lowest cost channels, particularly for less time-critical notifications.
  • Allow complete control over the channels based on your chosen business rules.
  • Deliver total visibility over the effectiveness of each channel, with analytics and insights to help define the ideal channel engagement mix.
  • Are fully compliant with local legislative and telecom provider rules related to each channel.

Automation Means No More Silos

If the vision of highly automated and robust omnichannel communications seems appealing, the question is: how do you easily get from where you are (siloed communications) to where you need to be (full omnichannel capability)? 

The answer: Unifonic Notice 

Notice breaks down silos and offers a coherent, single-pane-of-glass approach to multi-channel engagement. Notice is:

  • Simple & Secure
    It features a comprehensive single API to send notifications via voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, and Push. Your customers can choose their primary channel along with a failover channel to ensure redundancy and reliability.

  • Responsive
    Minimal coding is needed to create notifications and set up sending rules.

  • Customer-Centric
    Build your communications strategy around your customers and what makes their life easy.

  • Scalable
    A single address book to centralize all numbers and emails, automatic management of address, and Android token with SDKs.


The Notice service is built on an Enterprise-grade CPaaS platform that is highly scalable, secure, and offered with a robust API. It leverages artificial intelligence and chatbot technology to accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

With Notice, you can spin up a cloud-based notification service in a few hours and start connecting with your customers. The platform is ideally suited to enterprises in the banking, retail, logistics, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors. It offers enormous flexibility to suit business needs and the specific purpose or urgency of each notification.

Non-time-critical messages can be sent using the lowest cost channels with automated failover (based on rules you set) to ensure delivery.

Urgent messages that must be communicated instantly and at scale can be broadcast over multiple channels using the message fanout feature.

Notice also features a powerful dashboard offering full visibility of engagement reports, channel utilization, and efficiency. Make your customer engagement strategy increasingly data-driven.

Where Omnichannel Notifications Add Value


Organizations looking for cost savings

Whether you are a bank, logistics firm, airline, e-commerce company, OTT, or a telco, Unifonic Notice allows you to send notifications with assured delivery and reduce costs at the same time.

Digital Native companies or companies with a mobile app

The primary mode of communication for this segment is Push notifications, but adding a failover system for any that are non-delivered is often a big challenge.

This is because integrating multiple channels is seen as time-consuming and resource-intensive, so organizations find it difficult to offer a coherent omnichannel customer experience. Unifonic Notice will help you move away from the fragmented approach and easily integrate channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and voice to ensure delivery. 

Customer loyalty and funnel building

Empower your business with innovative ways to communicate with your customers. The right kind of message at the right time can go a long way in creating a customer delight moment that increases loyalty.

Whether you are looking to run a loyalty program, launch special offers, send seasonal greetings or simply want to keep your customers updated about new products and services, Notice lets you easily reach your customers across multiple channels.

Omnichannel Customer Notifications Made Easy

For any enterprise that can see the opportunity of omnichannel notifications but has struggled with the implementation, Notice delivers everything you need. To learn more about the business benefits and use cases for omnichannel notifications, contact your account manager.


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