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Mrsool acquired products and services from unifonic

Mrsool-logo-2To help to engage inactive customers and in attracting new customers to its services

The Challenges

Mrsool wanted to attract new customers and engage inactive clients by building brand awareness

Mrsool initially relied on a mobile-first strategy and digital marketing tactics, but it encountered challenges in engaging inactive customers and in attracting new customers to its services.

Mrsool was looking for a partner that matched its own high standards of service. This meant a reliable communication platform provider that understood its requirements and could guarantee delivery of contextual messages to targeted customers at the right moment.


The Solution

unifonic Cloud Conversation platform


Mrsool came to unifonic for products and services to resolve recurring issues impeding their marketing efforts. The unifonic Cloud Conversation platform and associated database gave it a functional web interface that made it easy to create, execute, and manage its SMS campaigns, with a strong reporting interface.

This helped Mrsool to boost their campaign visibility and performance tracking, and gain customer insights, segmentation, and targeting through accurate and relevant data, leading to better customer acquisition and engagement.

unifonic-online -Dashboard

The all-in-one centralized dashboard allows Mrsool to manage the account and sub-account balances, with the current and previous marketing campaigns.

It provides real-time reports about customer engagement, message logs, delivery rates, and overall campaign performance.

unifonic-audience -management-2

The Audience Management module enabled Mrsool to use unifonic databases to target specific customer sectors with contextual and personal messages rather than overwhelm its entire customer database with offers that might not be relevant to specific customers.

This also allowed granular reporting about campaign performance and targeting precision to help guide Mrsool in their future campaigns.

The Results and Benefits

Upon successful implementation of unifonic’s Conversation Platform, Mrsool could optimize its SMS marketing campaigns to reach more customers and promote limited-time offers.

Sending both its campaigns through unifonic’ gateway enabled it to generate a significantly higher volume of qualified leads, yielding higher revenue, boosting marketing ROI, and improving the bottom-line.

Additionally, the Mrsool team was able to manage its campaigns from a user-friendly dashboard with real-time 360-degree insights about customer data, delivery rates, campaign performance, and many more.

This resulted in:

  • 50% more clicks (150% higher click-through ratio).
  • 306% more app installs than previous campaigns.
  • 4,900 people using the promo code though they did not originally receive it, indicating a very successful word-of-mouth appeal.

unifonic’s targeted data helped Mrsool gain new customers and enhance the ROI of its SMS campaigns


About Mrsool

Mrsool is one of the largest delivery platforms in the kingdom. Mrsool is a unique on-demand experience that earned the highest user ratings among all the other large delivery apps. It’s the first and the best Saudi App that delivers everything from all types of stores and restaurants across covers all areas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mrsools’ services expansion reached to Egypt and Bahrain and soon to other countries in the region. Mrsool is not just a delivery app that delivers orders, Mrsool is like your brother that is always close to you no matter what you order. It does not only deliver food from all restaurants, it’s also delivering gaz, water, car parts, groceries, clothes, accessories, and even if you forgot something somewhere you can ask Mrsool to bring it to your place. For more about mrsool business:


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