Al Nahdi Deploys Notice App with unifonic Cloud

Al Nahdi Deploys Notice App with unifonic Cloud
alnahdi-logo-1 Nuhdeek program user engagement increases through real-time notifications and personalized shopping experiences.

The Challenges

Al Nahdi needed a fast, instantaneous, and effective way to communicate with customers as it launched its digital platform.

Many Nuhdeek Program users opted-in to receive notifications about Nahdi pharmacy updates, offers and status changes.

Nahdi Pharmacy also wanted to alert customers to relevant updates and offer personalized shopping experiences based on their geographical behavior. This is branded as Nahdi Network.

The company wanted to build on the success of the email opt-in program by adding additional channels to enhance customer communications with more instantaneous and flexible messaging.

Nahdi needed to improve customer engagement and response using additional communication channels


The Solution

unifonic NOTICE App


SMS messages are typically read within 3 minutes. Nahdi decided that this would be the ideal channel to improve engagement. They wanted a solution that was scalable and easy to manage. The unifonic Notice application and cloud platform gave Nahdi an easy way to use SMS messages for the Nuhdeek app using a single API. Customers are now kept updated with real-time SMS notifications. Account authentication and security for the Nuhdeek application were improved by sending OTP through the unifonic Authenticate app.

The Application


simplifies the integration and management of multiple communication channels. It unifies all outbound communications into one app and removes the complexity of cross-channel messaging.

The Results and Benefits

unifonic helped Nahdi to increase customer engagement by using SMS as a communication channel. Implementation was rapid and easy thanks to the flexibility of the unifonic API.

Now Nuhdeek App users stay connected even when they’re not online. Timely notifications ensure App users receive and access information when they need it.


This resulted in:

  • Customer Engagement Increased
  • 90% of SMS notifications opened in the first 3 minutes.
  • Customer Retention Grows
  • 4.5x higher response rate on SMS compared to email.


About Al Nahdi

Nahdi Medical Company is a leading Omni health company. It operates a nationwide network in 125 cities and villages across the Kingdom and is one of the highest profile and fastest-growing companies in the region.

As a ‘community pharmacy’ Nahdi also aims to educate society through health awareness programs and infection prevention campaigns.

The Nuhdeek loyalty program incorporates a customer app and offers advice and information alongside member benefits.

These include exclusive offers and discounts as part of a personalized shopper experience.

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