Enable real-time customer engagement with Push Notifications

Craft personalized and contextual push notifications and delight your customers


Push notifications allow you to maximize the ROI on the customer acquisition investment by driving up purchases, revenues and retention rates. With Unifonic, you can automatically trigger push notifications bases on the customer lifecycle journey. Whether it is welcoming a new user, sending special offers, cart abandonment reminders or win-back offers, Push notification opens up unlimited possibilities.


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Personalize every push notification

Personalizing Push notification to customer preferences, transaction history, demographics and location helps you create impactful campaigns

Cost-Effective and Low Investment-1

Reduce Cost

Push Notification is the most cost effective communication channel. Leverage the least cost channel to save considerable cost of customer notifications and promotional messages

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Align with your customer's journey

Proactively communicate with users across their Lifecycle journey with relevant and contextual push notifications to further optimize business outcomes

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Combine with other channels to create an omnichannel experience

Bring all channels in a single place. Unleash the power of unified engagement by combining channels like SMS, WhatsApp and Voice to offer a cohesive experience

Key Features

Native notification support for iOS and Android

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Built to scale

Highly scaleble platform to enable broadcast of push notifications to your user base

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Data Insights

Visibility to key success metrics like delivery and open rate to gauge impact and optimize campaigns

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Local Hosting & Compliance

Locally hosted offering with adherence to regulatory compliance

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Combine channels

Like SMS, WhatsApp, Voice and orchestrate notifications by configuring rules to prioritize messages based on channel cost, customer preference and business requirements

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