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How to Navigate SMS, Voice & WhatsApp Anti Spamming Regulations

How to Navigate SMS, Voice & WhatsApp Anti Spamming Regulations

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Date: 7 March 2023
Time: 2 - 3pm (KSA) / 3 - 4pm (UAE)
Language: English

To ensure your messages are delivered and you avoid costly fines, it is imperative to be compliant with a complex set of evolving anti-spam regulations. But navigating these laws can be challenging, especially when they differ from country to country and channel to channel.

As a certified provider with extensive experience in the regulatory environment, we understand the importance of compliance and our experts are here to guide you on how to stay compliant and succeed in your marketing campaigns.

Join Omar Saeed, Farah Mansour, Ahmed Alruzayq, Madeline ten Krooden, and Karim Yassin in a live webinar to learn:

  • Who the regulators are in KSA and UAE
  • The latest and most important regulations governing mobile business messaging over SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp
  • How Unifonic helps you stay compliant

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