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Build a customised chatbot in seconds

Automatically service common questions and inquiries. Spend your attention on customers and employees that need it most.

Simplify business workstreams with AI chatbots


Simplify customer service workstreams

Improve customer satisfaction with chatbots by automating customer servicing, appointment bookings and account management.


Customised marketing content

Roll out personalised content based on your target segments or get the feedback your business needs to ensure your customer is always heard.


Accelerate commerce

Answer leads, recommend products, or personalise your clients' shopping experience with an automated custom chatbot to maximise revenue.




Why build custom chatbots with Unifonic?

Customisable chatbot builder

Build a custom chatbot and its flow however you want. Create a rule-based chatbot using only a drag and drop interface.

Easily integrated

Build your customised chatbot across any channel to ensure your customers enjoy a curated experience no matter the channel.

Toggle between a bot and human

Flexibly adjust between human agents and custom chatbots by changing the setting to "Human Only" without a string of code.

Build in a testing environment

Your customers are our priority. Fine-tune and tweak your chatbot in the builder before launching it to your customers.

Centralised inbox

Provide follow-up support on any other channel with full context from chat and agent history all in one inbox.

Unified dashboard

Access our web-based dashboard from desktop, laptop, or mobile. Get updated statistics on your custom chatbot's engagement level.


Why choose Unifonic?

check-circle Best-in-class API

Create better moments with APIs that power your conversations anytime, all the time.

check-circle Global coverage

Reach more than 95% of the world and more with a single platform.

check-circle Secure and reliable

Enterprise-grade software that has powered more than 27 billion interactions.


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