How much can my organization save with Unifonic Notice?

What is your current cost per sms?
How many SMS notifications do you send to your customers annually?
Percentage of Regulated Messages
Regulated Messages
? A message containing Personal Identifiable Information like full name, email address, passport number etc and Financial Information like account balance, account number, OTP, bank transaction etc can be qualified as a regulated message.


Non-regulated Messages
? A message which does not contain personal and financial information of users or entities can be classified as unregulated message. E.g.: Promotional Offers, Reminders, non-financial transactions, account settings etc.


Do you know the Break-up of part wise sms notification?
One part SMS


Two part SMS


Three part SMS


Four part SMS


Five part and above SMS


  • The above is only a representation of estimated cost saving based on highlighted assumption
  • The actual savings may vary from case to case basis
  • The savings and calculations will vary based on type of message text (Arabic/English)

Absolute Saving


Saving (%) $44,000

Revised per Notification Cost $0.0398


What % of the current traffic with less than 2 Parts is moved to Push?


What % of the current traffic with more than 3 parts is moved to WhatsApp?

  • Push notifications support 300 Characters for iOS and 400-450 Characters for Android, hence message with < 3 parts are ideal to be converted to iOS and Android Push respectively
  • **Failover from Push to SMS & WhatsApp to SMS has been assumed to be 10% & 10% respectively based on standard push delivery statistics
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