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How Data and AI Can Drive Innovation in Your Business

How Data and AI Can Drive Innovation in Your Business

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Big Data is revolutionizing the way organizations access the market, make dynamic business moves, and build products that customers crave.

But what exactly is big data and how do organizations use it? There is no secret mix, but very successful organizations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and others are working on it.

In our live webinar, unifonic co-founder and CTO Hassan Hamdan will be speaking to the leading international expert Dr. Amr Awadallah, VP of Developer Relations at Google Cloud and co-founder of enterprise data cloud provider Cloudera, shares lessons, ideas, and strategies to help your organization move from theory to practice.

In this webinar you'll learn about



What Big Data is and why it’s a big deal?
Key challenges in using Big Data.
Real-world examples of organizations using Big Data effectively.
How to get started in your organization.
Why Big Data and AI are closely linked?
  • Big Data is needed to train AI learning algorithms.
  • AI is necessary to analyze Big Data and identify trends.
The growing importance of Big Data to enterprise decision-making.
  • Changing socioeconomic conditions - being ahead of the curve.
  • Customer recruitment and retention - building engagement.
Dr Amr Awadallah
Dr Amr Awadallah

Co-Founder of enterprise data platform Cloudera and Vice-President of Developer Relations at Google

Hassan Hamdan
Hassan Hamdan

Co-Founder & CTO at unifonic

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