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SMS Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies

In order to survive in the competitive industry of insurance, it is important that the companies use every marketing tool that can help them gain competitive advantage..

Why Should You Invest in a Communication Platform?

The technological era has seen the evolution of the communication industry, and people have moved on to adopt more recent channels. Whether it is interacting with..

How to Use SMS as a Lead Generation Tool

In spite of being the most common data service in the world, text messaging doesn’t always get the importance it requires. In the digital world, it’s the combination of..

Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Your Restaurant

Owning your own restaurant might have been your dream, but as a new business owner, you might be facing certain challenges that can make it your worst nightmare. To succeed, yo...

Text Marketing Best Practices

There’s no doubt that text messages have made life easier for us, but keeping their marketing potential in perspective, it’s fair to say that they are a game-changing solution.

SMS Marketing Tips for Retailers

The digital era has started a revolution and marketing campaigns have felt the brunt of it all. With newer and better strategies being devised, businesses can now benefit..

SMS Marketing – The Latest Trend in Marketing

With cell phones quickly becoming an important part of our lives, it’s time to leverage this opportunity and get the best services for your business. People, especially millennials, are quickly becoming dependent on their cell phones to gather information and stay up-to-date about everything, from fashion to politics

Mobile Phone Verification for Businesses

Even though technological advancements have provided numerous benefits to us, the lately increasing incidents of security breaches have made it imperative that businesses take adequate measures..

Why Retailers Need SMS Marketing?

Sadly, many retail companies and businesses are still reluctant to implement SMS marketing, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now, it’s hardly surprising that compan...

SMPP vs Restful API: which is best for you?

What is it? SMPP (Short message peer to peer) is an application layer TCP/IP protocol used for exchanging SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) and External ...

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