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We have designed multiple products that increase the efficiency and success ratio for your customer communication.


Virtual Number and Number Masking

Connect 2 parties in a call over your platform while maintaining the privacy of their numbers and displaying your unified number.

Use cases can be:
  •  Delivery fleet call management
  •  E-commerce market places
  •  Consultation calls


Customer Satisfaction Collection Platform

Capture your customer’s feedback on your services by sending them the questions to answer through multiple channels (SMS, email, Voice call).

Use cases can be:
  •  Satisfaction collection after service delivery (one question)
  •  Brand tracking service (multiple questions)


Service Confirmation Platform places  Consultation calls

Send an automated call to your customer with a personalized message notifying them about their service delivery and request confirmation.

Use cases can be:
  • Order confirmation
  •  Appointment confirmation
  •  Payment collection reminder


Call Conferencing and Collaboration

Through a virtual meeting room you can meet and collaborate with all your teams regardless of their location or connection.

  • Works on any web browser
  • No additional hardware, software or technical knowledge is needed to use
  • Our solution is end to end encrypted to protect your data
  • Automatically share information (conversation or presentations) among all members.
  • Automatically send meeting invitations, minutes of meetings, and content to all participants
  • Ability to dial in through a call if no PC access is available (conference will be audio only)


Virtual Call Center and IVR

Implement a call center operation with an advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call flow and extend your call center agent’s presence out of the office

  • Use your existing company numbers and get direct number for each extension
  • Mobile App access to be connected all the time (iOS & Android)
  • Configurable IVR messages and call flow
  • Extension numbering plan
  • Call management features (transfer, hold, voicemail, forwarding, do not disturb)
  • Call recording features (record and playback)
  • Call reporting (incoming, outgoing, date and time)
  • Get your voicemail to you email

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