SMS Marketing Tips for Retailers


The digital era has started a revolution and marketing campaigns have felt the brunt of it all. With newer and better strategies being devised, businesses can now benefit from the many resources that can help them reach their target market. These marketing campaigns are the reason behind significant revenue increases, especially for retailers, and SMS marketing is one of the biggest contributors.

Retailers can provide customers more value and the ultimate convenience with the help of SMS marketing. It’s the small things that count, and SMS marketing has made it possible for customers to keep track of their favorite retail brands’ marketing efforts. Imagine getting latest updates about your favorite retail brand in the comfort of your house.

So if you are a retailer and wish to connect with your target audience, here are some of the best SMS marketing tips for retailers. These will help you convert visitors into loyal customers and help you achieve a competitive advantage in the market. So read on and be enlightened!

Discount Codes

Want a few more customers to stop in to grab a few things? Send your running specials on a regular basis via text messages. These discount codes can provide your customers with special reductions, allowing them to avail them at the earliest possible time.

New Product Alerts

Have new exciting products in stock? Want to sell them? Let your customers know with regular new product alerts. With the help of these new product alerts, you can keep your customers up-to-date on your product line and entice them to visit the store.


Run contests to grow your SMS marketing list. Give a chance to your customers to win something from your store. It really helps in building a relationship and is a creative way to entice new customers. 

Closeout Specials

Don’t let the old products collect dust on the shelves. Put all old products on sale. Do let your valuable customers know about it with the help of your closeout special text marketing. This will ensure that you don’t run any losses and the customers will love the special discounts they can avail on these products.

Customer Surveys

It’s important for you to know exactly what your customers expect from the brand. This is one of the best SMS marketing tips for retailers since it can help you improve your existing strategies and come up with some great ones. With the help of surveys and votes, you can engage your customers and request their opinion about your brand.

Creative Sender IDs

Bring some creativity to your SMS marketing campaigns by opting for personalized sender IDs. Is the winter season coming up? Get a related sender ID to appeal to your customers. Are the holidays here? Change your sender ID to reflect it. These simple changes can help you get a good response from your customers, providing them just another reason to do business with your company.

Validate Numbers

If you want your text messaging efforts to be a success, make sure you have the right tools to identify active numbers. Many businesses lose precious resources in marketing to numbers that are invalid or inactive. Unifonic checks the validity of the numbers in your database and effectively eliminates the ones that are inactive. The platform provides you real-time data that you can use to save your resources and make your efforts count. 

Confirm Appointments and Delivery

Retailers who engage in one-on-one consultation can benefit from one of the most effective SMS marketing tips for retailers. By sending a confirmation text, you can make sure your customers know you care. Also, by sending the shipping and delivery details, you can control the number of failed deliveries. This step will indirectly affect your cost savings, increasing it significantly.

Final Thoughts

There are several SMS marketing tips for retailers, and we’ve listed down what they can offer your business. If you want to improve your business offerings and acquire success in the market, make full use of this medium!


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