Why Retailers Need SMS Marketing?

Sadly, many retail companies and businesses are still reluctant to implement SMS marketing, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now, it’s hardly surprising that companies choose to stick with more traditional marketing channels, as they try to avoid unnecessary risks and expenses. However, the traditional channels are obviously not working, or not working as well any longer. Research shows that retail sales are decreasing on average, both in KSA and globally.

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With SMS you can increase your sales and customer database because of these facts :

  1. SMS marketing is the channel with the highest open rate, the open rate of SMS is as high as 98 %.

  2. The number of mobile phone users has already surpassed 4 billion and this figure is expected to grow to 5 billion in 2019.

    and more .. 

To know more about how Unifonic helps retailers integrate SMS marketing into their marketing strategy, download our retail e-book and start expanding your business outreach today. 

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1/17/2019 6:03:00 AM |Categories: SMS
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