Products update: No more waiting, hello On-demand long number service!

What’s new?

Long numbers have some regulation issues, it takes quite a while to be approved depending on the country you are purchasing the number for, which results in delaying your campaigns and costing you serious figures sometimes… In other words, efficiency is out of the window!

But we have good news for you, we have been working on a solution for this issue, through our system you can enjoy your long code subscription without the hassle of getting approvals and following up on their status! Introducing the new and improved configuration process! Setting up a long number to be used in two-way SMS and voice calls now takes under 24 hours guaranteed with a very high capacity of inbound messages exceeding 100 messages per second.

What are the benefits?

– Availability: Under 24-hour setup time down from 4 to 5 days .

– Stability: The up-time for two-way SMS has been improved to reach 99.5%.

– Performance: Sending and Receiving messages has been tripled to reach over 100 messages and in 10th of the time.
5/24/2017 9:05:00 AM |Categories: SMS
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