Products update: New and improved method of handling MNP service

What’s new?

As we always seek to improve our platform performance to keep serving our clients 24/7, we launched advanced handling of MNP (mobile network ported numbers) which means that we can reach your clients over SMS or voice calls on their numbers even if they changed their network operator faster than before, this feature enables your message to reach the client much faster without going through other networks, the messages goes through the correct route directly.


- Cost: Instead of paying twice for a message sent to a ported number with other competitors, automatically detects ported numbers before checking-in with the operator for ported numbers and their correct route to cut message cost.

- Time: Instead of having to wait for the servers to detect the correct route, the information is already stored and checked which results in saving 2 to 4 seconds in each request meaning that your campaign will be sent much much faster.

- Efficiency: as a result of cutting cost and saving time on your campaigns Unifonic gives you a much better value with high performance in your campaigns.
5/24/2017 9:03:00 AM |Categories: SMS
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