Best Times to Run Your Ramadan Campaign


According to Google 2018 statistic the people in Asia-pacific are most likely to have many devices than other peoples.

So you must understand how to deal with this sector of multi-devices users, and how to target them, and use the best timing, and abandon sending them many times.

Also you must understand that Muslims, in Ramadan, are avoid smoking and abstain from pretty much every type of food and drink during their fast. On top of this during Ramadan many Muslims are fasting from high energy consumables and are low on sleep and energy during daytime. The activity period during this month usually shifts from day to night.

So it will do marketers good to keep a track of the best time to run that SMS campaign or that survey that requires filling. It is best to leave the consumer be during the daytime, it will be hard to keep their attention and the opt-out rate might increase.

According to multiple studies smartphone usage was recorded the highest during night time in Ramadan. If we consider Saudi Arabia, late hours like 12-3 were the peak times for social media activity. Marketing agencies should drive their ROI according to this change in activity to reach a wider range of audience.

Some the worst times to run your campaign during Ramadan would be during high noon or three to two hours before Iftar (fast breaking time). The activity is lowest during these times as opposed to the rest of the year.

Points to Keep in Mind for SMS and Voice Call Marketing:

Mobile phones are a part of their owner’s existence and capable of pulling significant emotions from them which is why text message or voice call marketing is all about nuance, there is no way around that.

As a mobile marketer your success will be measured on the number of clientele on your opt-in list. Your mobile data base will measure the success of your campaign. Now, when you’re doing everything right and your opt-in figures are not all that great, perhaps you’re getting the timing wrong. You have to keep a consumer engaged and while content and promotions are great, even the best offer at the wrong time is going to irritate a consumer. Now imagine, if you are texting someone who is low on energy and has been fasting all day and you send them a fast food coupon four hours before Iftar chances are they are going to unsubscribe. If you send them an SMS right after suhoor regarding a new form of payment method, they are going to unsubscribe.

Keep it simples and it really takes no more than the following:

Mondays have an overall low response time and that aspect rarely changes in Ramadan. Try to avoid any promotions during this day unless related to that specific date. Avoid rush hours, or when work hours are ending. Be respectful of Suhoor and iftar timings. Keep a track of local time zones.
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