Lead nurturing through voice messages

Lead nurturing is considered part of the inbound marketing process which means that potential clients become interested in your brand and their awareness level becomes higher about it from your online presence and the company image you reflect.

What the heck is lead nurturing?

It’s the process of using marketing channels and techniques to generate leads for sales in any company, like writing promotional and educational materials about your brand which will grab the attention of targeted audience and let them contact you and ask more about your product/services to lead them to the actual sales process.

And if you ask yourself why you should use it in your marketing? The answers come from the research that tells companies who use lead nurturing to get 50% more sales with 33% lower cost than others, and 79% of marketing leads didn’t convert to sales regarding of the lack of lead nurturing, also if we come to purchase records, nurture leads get 47% purchase process than not nurtured lead.

In this article, we will talk about one of the important marketing channels, and how it affects lead nurturing, which is voice messages.

Voice messages are one of cloud communication approaches which are similar to SMS concept but it’s recorded voice sent to the target audience to serve specific message, either it was promotional, communication, awareness, or to send any specific message through voice to your audience.

Features of using voice call service from Unifonic:

Broadcasts voice calls: Send out voice recordings to anywhere in the world.

TTS: Use our text to speech engine to generate voice calls.

Smart routing: Make calls with low latency using the best route.

Call tracking: Check the duration and delivery of your calls.


Secure and well-documented API. write few lines of code and your applications are ready to get calling!

Use Cases:

Relating to lead nurturing process we can first start with:
Voice call automated message to our client to let them informed and know who we are. Then we can set a voice call system to educate them about our brand to use it in their search and inquiry, for example, the voice call describes an automated help centre for telecommunication company, and they can press numbers to reach more services and know how they can, for example, charge their balance, and if they press the numbers you lead them to involve step, then after they responding you will validate their request to check if they entered the correct number related to their request, then convert it into the next action step to give them instructions or tell them what to do. To maintain the relationship between you and them you must keep your automated service alive and run to get back and use it again.

From the information you take from users on their system use and reactions, you can save it into records, analyze it, and know who is interested the most to reach your service, to contact them, and target them more in a special voice call.
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