Here are 6 reasons why you should start using SMS marketing!

SMS is an invaluable tool for marketing and remains the most universal mobile medium to date. Globally, SMS is the most popular form of communication, so is a relevant form of marketing in today’s society.

Here are five reasons why SMS marketing is critical for the success of your marketing goals:


Emails sneak past us throughout the day, to the point that only 22% of them are ever opened. Texts however have a near 100% open rate! This remarkable percentage suggests that we’re trained to hear our message alert tone and immediately check what it says. Tapping into this response is perfect for time sensitive promotions or sales.


Research suggests consumers take opting-in to mobile campaigns much more seriously than email campaigns, which may be completely forgotten about in a few days. They tend to want what they sign up for with their mobile, whereas handing over their email address is often done on a whim. Understanding this means you can tailor your marketing approach to be more direct via SMS, because you know the consumer on the other end is ready and willing to engage.


There is a subtle difference between SMS communication and email communication, which can have a powerful impact on your consumer. Emails tend to be the result of a registration process and will be sent blind with no direct reply option. But text promotions will usually involve a two-way dialog, such as the user texting a code and receiving a coupon. Breaking the ice between your brand and consumer in this way, is not only engaging, but can build long-term trust and loyalty.


SMS promotions are more likely to result in an increase in sales, because they prompt the user to visit the physical store, whereas emails are more geared towards e-Commerce. This opens the consumer up to secondary in-store marketing efforts or simply other products that catch their eye. These customers buy three times as many items than their online counterparts.


SMS campaigns can be promoted with a wide range of methods, such as in-store or through print advertising. Tracking these customer acquisition points will give you a unique insight into the habits of consumers and you can refine your methods for more efficiency and success.

Button line:

To have the most success marketing your brand you have to be able reach consumers wherever they are. In our modern lives email certainly plays a part in this, but SMS based campaigns are far ahead in terms of engagement. Consumers send texts every day and they do not ignore messages they receive. Taking advantage of this fact will help you build a strong brand loyalty, increase sales, and perfect your advertising methods.
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